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2nd Major Terrorist attack in 2weeks should concern us all

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The spate of attack on Britain in recent months should concern all. It is now clear there is a sustained determination to bring Britain to its knee. It is even more worrying that the rate of success of the attacks have gone up, the significant of the attacks increases with each one because previously secured landmark places like London and City of Westminster now get attacked with relative ease.

Manchester attack is still very raw in our minds, most of the injured are still in hospitals, the dead have not been buried and investigations are still on-going and boom! We got hit again! London got hit in a commando-style attack, multiple attackers using both vehicle and knives on members of the public!

  • What Is responsible for these successes?

  • Are our security services weaker from police cut? Or in fact, higher police number would not have stopped these types of attack?
  • Are we seeing a new normal in Britain?
  • Is Britain foreign policy still the case here?

Do statements made by Jeremy Corbyn in the wake of Manchester attack justify these types of attack or simply excuse and validate the actions of these monsters? Whether or not it is a statement of fact that Britain’s foreign intervention is inviting terrorism back home is another question entirely, but for a leader of the opposition party to say it, immediately after a major attack and in the heat of election campaign is disturbing. Is he appealing to a particular constituency? Or does he believe that we would not have seen these types of attack if Britain’s foreign policy is different? Germany, Sweden and Belgium have all seen their share of terrorist attacks, these countries do not have a foreign intervention policy and if anything, they have played a leading role in accommodating refugees with open arms. Indeed, this is not about Jeremy Corbyn but a digression necessary based on his views and comments.

  • where does Britain go from here?
  • Where do we turn?

Our way of life, the definition of openness, the liberal values, our freedom and everything we stand for have been and continued to be attacked.

Although politicians and commentators will be spouting out statements like “they can’t change us” “we will not give in” and similar other statements but the facts are clear! They have already changed us! Either we admit it or not, we now live in a different world, far from the tranquil and peaceful one we are used to. This is a major thing to give up, who we are and our values.

Are there still opportunities to wrestle this back?

Something has to change, although am yet to be convinced that a pacifist posture or policy by Jeremy Corbyn is the solution.

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