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Under the current powers, could the police have stopped Manchester and London Bridge attacks?

Live images from London


One thing, however, is certain, if civil rights, rights to privacy, freedom of expressions and all the various other values we so cherish are to be maintained, untouched and unchallenged by the authorities, we will continue to be vulnerable to these attacks, and NO, am not advocating for eradication of anyone of these rights, if anything, we should protect them with everything we have, but at the same time, we should have at the back of our minds that some of them weaken our defences, as they prevent the authorities to do no more than watch until the next lunatic strikes. It even appeared the police are better at reactive measures than preventive ones, which can be attested to by their

The police are better at reactive measures than preventive ones, which can be attested to by their quick-fire response to the London Bridge attack needing the only 8min from the initial 999 call to bringing down the assailants.

I will not end without sending out our condolences to everyone affected by recent atrocities and especially appreciate the police forces for an incredible work they continue to do, stories of foiled attacks are not lost on us! As the losers, to borrow President’s Trump word, only need to get lucky few times, we have to double down and be lucky all the time if possible, hence improve our preventive measures.

In conclusion, under the current situation, could the authority have done more to stop Salman Abedi and Khuram Butt? I don’t know, investigations are still ongoing but one of the outcomes of these events is that Things cannot remain the same and actually, maybe they should not.





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