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John McDonnell’s call for a one-million-man demonstration; Democracy or Anarchism?

John McDonnell call for a one-million-man demonstration.

John McDonnell is calling out one million people to attend the upcoming demonstration organised by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity and promoted by the Stop the War Coalition.

He is the Chancellor of the Exchequer in waiting, that is if Labour gets into office. The prospect of Labour Government used to be a remote if not an impossible thing, but now seems very likely given the current unstable political situation in Britain.

Next Government is yet to be formed

TORY-DUP talk still on-going

When is the Queen’s speech?

Inflation edging close to 3%

Bank of England voted 3:5 not to raise interest rate

BREXIT complexity looms large

Grenfell Tower fire is still fresh and raw

So, if John McDonnell talks, in the current political landscape, particularly with Labour’s showing at the last general election, his words do carry weight.

In addition to the recent rise in populist movements and anti-government sentiments, a scenario McDonnell would crave and thrive in, he is also a lifelong unionist, the Parliamentary Convenor of the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group of eight left-wing trade unions representing over half a million workers, so he is in a powerful position and has a ready-made platform.

(John McDonnell Profile)

Calling for a one-million-man demonstration, Mr McDonnell knows exactly what he is doing. Asking demonstrators to demand the PM call for another election, he is not just trying to make a point, he is attempting a regime change. He is attempting to do what the party failed to do at the poll last time but through activism.

Why would he want another election so soon? The opinion polls are stacking up in favour of Labour party now.

Latest Survation poll


voting intention

If we go to the poll today, Labour would emerge as the single majority party according to Survation latest opinion polling result


The favourability rating of the Leader is at an all-time high, and the opposite can be said about the Conservative party.

Corbyn vs May favourable rating



Jeremy Corbyn and Mrs May switched places in the mind of the public


Nothing seems to be going in their favour right now, they have so far failed to form a government as they are eight short of the magic number, the DUP negotiations with its Northern Ireland dimension making things predictably difficult, European Union pressuring for BREXIT negotiation to start and then the poor handling of the Grenfell fire create a perfect storm.

All these are coming on the back of an election where the popularity of the leader plummet faster than a free-falling stone against gravity, with a reputation in tatters and divided or dwindling followership.

So, it does seem that if Britain goes to the poll today, Labour will simply sweep to power, thus, the call for a massive demonstration to demand an election when one is not due for another five years was not made without a reason.

It can be argued that Mrs May called for an election when one was not due for three years or necessary. The country was relatively stable, she had a working majority and she had legislation passed without much difficulty, but she saw an open goal and felt the need to finish off her opponent, she saw an opportunity to further the Conservative party’s interest and not the interest of the nation. One can make that perfectly legitimate argument, but that election has now taken place, even though a weaker Conservative party emerged, they still emerged as the majority party, Labour, the second largest party at the election was some 56 seats behind, it is therefore incumbent on anybody that profess democracy to respect that result.

In the interest of the nation, there is no need for another election right now. The electorates have handed down a mandate. The mandate demand that all parties or at least more than one party govern, that is what we should aim to do.

Attempt to force a change through activism by undermining a democratic process is unpatriotic.

In a democracy, a government is formed at the poll and not demonstrations politically initiated primarily to subvert a process the country have just gone through barely a week ago. This type of politics is anarchistic in nature; it is dangerous and smacks of an attempt at a power grab or even a coup.

Perhaps, Mr McDonnell is simply too much in a hurry to become the Chancellor of the Exchequer, he is too much in a hurry to undo all that the Government is doing, while it is good to have that type of energy and zeal, there is a process, it is called democratic process and it is very dangerous to try to undermine it for your own end.




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