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Why was Maradona, Pep and Enrique missing at Messi’s wedding?

Everyone that matters except

Everyone that matters in the world of football was at Messi’s wedding.

Luis Suarez, Neymar, Gerald Pique, Ivan Rakitic and Sergio Busquets were in attendance but Andreas Iniesta stayed back in Spain to be with his newborn.

Former team-mate Xavi, Samuel Eto’o and Carles Puyol also made the list.

messi wedding 2

Angel Di Maria, Sergio Aguero, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Javier Mascherano were in attendance.

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No current real Madrid player was invited nor any of Barcelona board members.

Some names though are notably missing, Diego Maradona, Pep Guardiola, and Luiz Enrique!

You can argue that among everyone in attendance, these three are the most important to Messi’s career!


A fellow countryman, former national team manager and arguably a legend of similar standing. (Ok, I said arguably, experts have said this particular comparison is flawed).

messi wedding 5.PNG

You could argue that it is an automatic expectation that Maradona would be at his Wedding, but for whatever reason, he was not invited! This may well be a miscalculation on Messi’s part.

Maradona who is currently at the confederation cup when asked about the situation said the following:

“Congratulations and I hope you have many healthy children, He knows that I love him very much. My invitation to his wedding must have gotten lost along the way, but that will not change my opinion of him. He is a good sportsman and an excellent person”

That sounds like someone that wants to attend! Confederation Cup or not.

Pep Guardiola:

The working and personal relationship between Messi and Pep is on record.

messi wedding 4.PNG

Either Pep allowed him to blossom by building the entire Barcelona team around him, giving him total freedom on the pitch and moving Ronaldinho on or Messi actually is responsible for Guardiola’s success at Barcelona.

Whichever version you prefer, the relationship between the pair then at least to the cameras was beyond manager-player relationship, was almost a romantic one! Till the very moment, Guardiola still idolized him.

Again, It is unthinkable that on Messi’s greatest day outside of football that Guardiola is missing or was not invited.

Guardiola is a naturally tight lip person, so if he is asked, am sure he will get asked soon, he will find something nice to say about being overlooked by Messi! First to preserve what they both have and to leave a possible reunion door open!

Luiz Enrique:

Messi’s immediate past club manager, although reports of a frosty relationship between the pair are not uncommon, particularly in the early stages of Enrique Barca managerial career, with time, it turned out to be a hugely successful one!

messi wedding 6.PNG

Messi’s contribution to that success cannot be overlooked! Along with Suarez and Neymar, they helped in no small measure to ensure a successful Barca’s career.

So, to be omitted from the guest list even though the entire Blaugrana backroom staff are on the guest list, including all kitmen, doctors, physiotherapists, and masseurs, as well as player liaison officer Pepe Costa is not great.

It will appear Messi’s put a line between him and his managers! But why?

As a side note, we believe an extension of an invitation to Cristiano Ronaldo would be in order.

messi wedding 3.PNG

Although, Ronaldo like Iniesta just welcomed newborn as well as may be playing in the Confederations Cup third place.

Messi is great, but it has been a wonderful experience to be able to make a comparison with Ronaldo in achievements and styles.

Maradona had Pele and Federer had Nadal, without another great personality in the same game, playing in the same era as yourself, it will be difficult to measure how great you are! Enjoying Monopoly of greatness like Usain Bolt did was neither good for the sport nor for fans.



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