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The skills you need for jobs in the UK

However, regardless of the outcome of the BREXIT negotiation, Britain and businesses will continue to need people to fill skill gaps, which there are a lot of them right now

It is currently the case that citizens of the European Union member states are able to enter the UK to live and work and likewise British citizens are able to live and work in any European countries without needing visa or work permit.

As the United Kingdom kick start the process of leaving the EU, things are not likely going to remain the same moving forward. One of the most likely casualties of the BREXIT outcome will be freedom of movement of people and labour.

uk job 2

Although negotiations are just starting and still have some twenty months to go, this particular right is not likely to survive because, from the point of view of Brits, it formed the core of the reason for BREXIT vote and from the point of view of the EU, it is the main backbone of the European Union project on which every other principle is formed, thus they cannot or are not likely to compromise.

Freedom of movement and residence for persons in the EU is the cornerstone of Union citizenship, established by the Treaty of Maastricht in 1992. The gradual phasing-out of internal borders under the Schengen agreements was followed by the adoption of Directive 2004/38/EC on the right of EU citizens and their family members to move and reside freely within the EU. (Europa)


With the current system of free movement of labour from the European Union countries, Unemployment Rate  in Britain is 4.6%.

This means that almost everyone of working age population is in employment, including immigrant and British-born.

However, regardless of the outcome of the BREXIT negotiation, Britain and businesses will continue to need people to fill skill gaps, which there are a lot of them right now.

The Open University is reporting that severe skill gaps are causing £2.2b hole in UK finances

There is already pressure in some areas even before BREXIT come into effect. Since the vote in June 2016 to this year, Application for Nursing jobs from the EU fell by whopping 96%

This coupled with the fact that nursing profession is among the shortage occupation list with the UK attracting nurses from all over the world, severing the main supply of nurses will even increase the pressure.

In addition to these growing skill gaps,  the government has stopped funding  of some healthcare professions like Physiotherapy, Radiography and Nurses, instead, enrolling them in a similar student loan scheme like every other course.

Stopping funding and closing your sources of supply of professionals is a sure way of multiplying pressure in your workforce.

Although government argued that changing the funding method will increase the number of people applying to study these courses, but the juries are out on that, because it has been shown that the free tuition and bursaries enjoyed by these courses encouraged people to apply for them, it even encourage adults and people with families who are perhaps healthcare assistants that wants to upgrade their careers or just want a change of profession.

In view of BREXIT and probably the resultant unwillingness of EU citizens to come to the UK, Britain will have to open its doors to the world; the Commonwealth countries are likely to be the beneficiaries here.

No, this will not result in VISA free movement but it may streamline and make it easier to apply and get approval.

At the moment, according to the migration observatory group, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh and South Africa constitute the highest nationals from non-EU countries in British workforce, hence there is already an established framework for recruitment, this is where we think efforts will be doubled to fill the gaps.

The shortage list is still existing, businesses still need these skills, Britain still needs people of working age to work, pay tax and contribute to the economy.

Thus, possessing one of the skills on the shortage list is very important for anyone interested in relocating to Britain. Admittedly, this will result in brain drain and can adversely affect these countries but the benefit of remittance is a major advantage to the affected nations.

The following professions are still on the UK skills shortage list:

Physical Scientists:

Geologist, geophysicist and geochemist are particularly needed in the oil and gas industry

Civil engineers:

uk job 3

Geo-technical engineer and tunnelling engineer

The following jobs in the oil and gas industry:

uk job 4

Petroleum engineer, drilling engineer, completions engineer,  fluids engineer, reservoir engineer,  offshore and subsea engineer, control and instrument engineer , process safety engineer, wells engineer,  senior mining engineer in the mining sector.

Mechanical engineers:

Mechanical engineer in the oil and gas industry

Electrical engineers:

Electrical engineer in the oil and gas industry

The following jobs in the electricity transmission and distribution industry:

Power system engineer, control engineer, protection engineer, The following jobs in the aerospace industry: electrical machine design engineer, power electronics engineer.

Electronics Engineers:

uk job 5

Signalling design manager, signalling design engineer, signalling principles
designer, senior signalling design checker, signalling design checker
signalling systems engineer, Specialist electronics engineer in the automotive manufacturing and design industry.

Design and development engineers:

 Design engineer in the electricity transmission and distribution industry

The following jobs in the automotive design and manufacturing industry:

product development engineer and product design engineer.

The following jobs in the electronics system industry:

Integrated circuit design engineer and integrated circuit test engineer

Production and process engineers:

Chemical engineer, manufacturing engineer (process planning) in the aerospace industry,

Quality control and planning engineers:

Planning or development engineer, quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) engineer.

The following jobs in the aerospace industry:

Aerothermal engineer, stress engineer, chief of engineering, advance tool and fixturing engineer.

The following jobs in the civil nuclear industry:

Nuclear safety case engineer,
Mechanical design engineer (pressure vehicles)
Piping design engineer
Mechanical design engineer (stress)
Thermo-fluids/process engineer

IT specialist managers:

IT business analysts, architects and systems designers:

Systems engineer in visual effects and 2D/3D computer animation for the film, television or video games sectors.

Programmers and software development professionals:

Senior developer with a minimum of five years’ relevant experience and demonstrable experience of having led a team and cyber security specialist

Environmental Professionals:

contaminated land specialist
geo-environmental specialist
landfill engineer.

Medical practitioners:

uk job 6


Consultants in the following specialities:

clinical radiology
emergency medicine
old age psychiatry
CT3 trainee and ST4 to ST7 trainee in emergency medicine
Core trainee in psychiatry

Non-consultant, non-training, medical staff posts in the following specialities:
emergency medicine (including specialist doctors working in accident and emergency)
old age psychiatry


Medical Radiographers:

uk job 7

HPC registered diagnostic and therapeutic Radiographers
Nuclear medicine practitioner, Radiotherapy physics practitioner
radiotherapy physics scientist and sonographer.

Other Healthcare professionals:

Neurophysiology healthcare scientist, Neurophysiology practitioner
Nuclear medicine scientist, Orthotist and prosthetist


uk job 8

Every discipline in nursing is currently on the shortage list.

 Social workers working in children’s and family services are also in demand.

















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