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Beyonce’s Twins broke the internet!

How do you call the boy?

Beyonce shared the first picture of herself with her twins to celebrate them turning one month old and the internet stood still, 24 hours later, still yet to recover!

Within one hour of sharing the picture, it racked up two million likes on Instagram! a day later, it’s approaching 10 million likes!

People are actually keeping vigil for it!



There was a suspicion of the names of the twins when Beyonce trademark the names weeks earlier.

She has now confirmed the names to be Sir Carter and Rumi

Sir Carter? how does it work then? Sir Carter Carter? or Sir Carter Junior? ok, it’s easy working out the second, Rumi Carter (Aww lovely).

In any case, these would not be the weirdest celebrity baby names, the Beyonce teaming fans won’t care either.

I questioned the morals of trademarking baby names, am not sure to whose benefits this is, the baby or the celebrity parents? one can argue that, if they don’t do it, someone else would trademark and make money from these names!


The picture showed Beyonce looking fit and fresh, of course, people questioned it! how can a mother of one-month-old twins look this fit? A user by the name goldcoastmumblogย shared a spoof picture.

Well, the answer to this? it is not easy to be Beyonce the Brand. The product is in the image and the body, as much as the talent!

The style of the image, in which Beyonce stands in a garden barefoot in front of a floral archway is similar to the one she used to announce her pregnancy also on Instagram. That post, in February, became the most-liked in the history of Instagram.

beyonce 3

Welcome, Sir Carter and Rumi.

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