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Race issue in Britain: The White Extremists we are not talking about

Increasing confidence of previously secretive groups is worrying.

Is a shift to far-right extremism an appropriate response to Islamic extremism or a response to what most white westerners perceived as dilution of their culture? Or just an excuse to exhibit a deep-seated racism?

race war.PNG

Islamic extremism and terrorism have dominated our minds and shaped the mindset of people because of the share volume of media coverage, of course, not helped by the actions of very few, what is not been talked about as much is the rise in far-right groups all over Europe.

To put it mildly, every country has some form of extreme ideologists.

In Europe, some are legally registered political parties while others are simply gang-like groups.

Some of these groups have been in existence before now, but are now regaining prominence after a long period of inactivity while other are newly formed or metamorphosis of old ones, one thing is common to all of them, there are newly gained confidence and a political space to operate. The undercurrent that drives these groups, however, is the same.

The vision to have a white monocultural society.

It is no use lumping all these groups together, even though I believe they will ultimately all like to achieve a white monocultural society, their aims and objectives differ only very slightly, make no mistake, these differences are only aimed at achieving wider public acceptance. As some of these are now political parties, to gain votes or sympathy, they have had to tone down their rhetorics but the ideology no doubt remains.

In this piece, we will look at some of these groups and highlights of their ideologies.


britain first 2

On it official site, Britain first described itself as a patriotic political party and street movement whose mission is to “put our people first, before foreigners, asylum seekers or migrant”

Their policies focused solely on immigration and Islam.

On immigration, they proposed a “generous” grant to those of foreign descent residents who wish to leave permanently. BF wants complete or near-total halt to any further immigration, reject and deport “asylum” seekers and make it a crime of treason to implement any policy or measure or sign any agreement that facilitates and/or results in significant numbers of foreigners.

britain first.PNG

On the religion of Islam, Britain first wants a comprehensive ban on Islam.

Britain first claim to fame is it “1.9m Facebook likes” which is more than any other UK political party, but a study by BBC trending revealed only 44% of these likes originates from within the U.K., with the rest coming from USA, Australia and Canada. 

On one hand, it can be argued that this is giving them some sort of international presence, but it also means that they remain very peripheral in the UK, the place they really needed to make inroad to push their policies as a political party.

For Britain First, the most threatening policy is the proposal to pay people to return to their countries of origin. This is reverse slavery! During slavery, they pay money to bring people in, and now, these extremists are proposing to pay people to go back. My understanding is, they are not talking about illegal immigrants here people, they are talking about any immigrants including legal, permanent residents and citizens, so long as your history can be traced to immigration.


na salute 4

Nationa action UK (NA) was proscribed as a terrorist group and banned in 2016 by the Home Secretary Amber Rudd. The structure of these organisation is not well understood because of its secretive nature but it is believed to be an outgrow or a youth wing of (British National Party) BNP. Their Neo-nazi reputation was derived from the rhetorics and activities of some known and alleged members.

Members of NA caused an outrage in Germany for performing NAZI salutes at the Buchenwald camp where nearly 50,000 people were killed. (pictured above)

The group organised a Miss Hitler 2016, won by a Scottish lady. In a statement by National Action, they said the purpose of the pageant was to show the world their far right views and to give female members a chance to share their reasons for becoming part of the group.

Na salute 3.PNG

A year earlier, a member was found guilty of a revenge attempted murder of a Sikh man, in Flintshire, in what he claimed to be a retaliation for the murder of Lee Rigby.

According to (HNH)Hope Not Hate, membership of this terrorist organisation is between 60-100. 

This number seems small, their activities, particularly their online presences and provocative rhetorics was sufficient to earn them a ban by the home secretary.

The National Front:

nf 2.PNG

Another extremist or nationalist organisation is the National Front (NF).

On its website, National Front has this to say on race:

The National Front believes that the world contains a rich diversity of races and consequent cultures. We believe in the preservation of these races. As each race has evolved it has developed its own social structures, its own customs and its own culture. These are different for each race and have been built up to suit the character of each separate race.

National Front upholds the wish of the majority of British people for Britain to remain a white country, with customs and a culture which have been developed to suit our character. Consequently, the National Front would halt all non-white immigration into Britain and introduce a policy of phased and humane repatriation.

National from however went further than Britain first, where Britain first would allow immigrants that marry a British citizens, National Front is totally against Multiculturalism, they believe it has been a disaster for Britain, and they want a policy that enforces a total ban on immigration and the “humane” repatriation of all immigrants and their descendants to their ancestral homelands.

nf 1.PNG

Note the similarities in the objectives of both Britain First and National Front? Repatriation of all immigrants and their descendants to their ancestral homelands. While Britain First is seeking to pay people wishing to return off, NF used the word “humane” repatriation.

The tone of this far-right organisation is as far intolerant as it can be.

The group did not actually cover up their racial disposition, it was stated on their website that they welcome immigration and relationship with people from other white countries, as far as the relationship is on an equal footing.

So, National Front is not against immigration, they are just against immigration from a black, Asia and non-white countries.

Other racist or extremist groups out there in today’s Britain as profiled by Hope Not Hate are

  • North West Infidels

  • South East Alliances

  • Sunderland Defence League

  • Pie and Marsh Group

While it is a far fetched possibility or almost impossible that they can actually get into power via a democratic process, the threat posed by these groups cannot the overstated. We don’t have to look far, the van attack on the Finsbury Park Mosque underline such threat.

Hate, extremism and terrorism come in different colours, the world has come this far since the days of Nazi Germany, but the persistence of this “White-Nation” ambition among very few is a major cause for concern.

The spate of Islamic terrorism in Britain and other Western Countries might have contributed to their new found confidence and created an excuse for what they will refer to as “fight back” but their languages overall indicate otherwise.

Terrorism or not, this deep-seated ambition remain and would have resurfaced using another excuse.

The works of charities and organisations like Hope Not Hate to counter the ideology and promote understanding is great.


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