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Kenya election turns bloody As opposition allege fraud

Three fatalities reported so far in Kenya’s post election violence

Clashes have broken out in some cities in Kenya with reports of fatalities, following the election results.

Raila Odinga, long term rival of the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta and the main opposition at the just concluded election raised allegations of election hacking!

The election was conducted by electronic voting system to prevent fraud, the new system however has now been fingered to be susceptible to hacking.

Odinga claimed the identity of dead activists were used to gain access to the electronic system and then used to manipulate the outcome in favour of the incumbent Kenyatta.

The allegations have resulted in violent clashes in several cities.

As at 18:30pm British time, 9th August, two people were shot dead in the capital Nairobi and another killed in Kisii County 300km of Nairobi, reports Aljazeera.

History Repeating itself

This mirrored the 2007 election crisis that saw 1200 killed over disputed election results between Raila Odinga and the then incumbent Mwai Kibaki.

International Observers

This current violence and electoral fraud claim is despite the presence of international observers lead by the former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

more to follow




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