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Kenya Elects it’s Youngest MP.

A 23-Year-Old undergraduate student becomes the youngest MP in Kenya.

An independent candidate, 23-year-old and still an undergraduate student has won a parliamentary seat in Kenya defeating candidates from established parties.

The student of Education at the MT Kenya University, John Paul Mwirigi, defeats his nearest rival from The nation’s ruling jubilee party Rufus Miriti by a margin of over 3000 votes, following his 18, 800 plus votes.

Other candidates, who were seasoned politicians include Mwenda Mzalendo (7,695), Kubai Mutuma (6,331) and Raphael Muriungi (2,278) votes.

kenya’s democracy, despite flashes of violence in the past and in the just concluded election is showing signs of maturity and progress any Western democracy would be proud of.

This election also saw a young vibrant candidate, Suzanne Lengewa, contesting the Nairobi senatorial seat.

Meet Suzanne Lengewa, The 23-Year Old Contesting for a Senatorial seat in Kenya

A continent plaque by electoral fraud and bribery, this is a remarkable achievement for a student whose campaign or financial power could not have matched that of his veteran rivals, it also demonstrates that largely the mindset of African electorate is changing.

The new young MP told local newspaper that his first agenda would be supporting agribusiness activities, promote entrepreneurship and nurturing talents.

“Since I come from a humble background, I understand the issues that affect the residents. My key agenda will be to transform the lives of the people,” said the youthful candidate”

Residents said they decided to elect the young man despite lacking resources because they are confidents he knows their problems and will address them.

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