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The New Facebook Feature you don’t know you need Is here.

Mark Zuckerberg announced a new feature on Facebook called the Watch Tab.

Limited version will be Roll out in the U.S. before mere mortals like us have access to the feature.

Just as live video is Facebook answer to Instagram, watch tab seems to be a feature design to rival YouTube, Netflix and Google video streaming all in one go.

Tbe feature will not kill off YouTube and other traditional video contents websites, but will certainly take chunck out of their viewership.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, watching does not have to be perceive, so Watch Tab allows you to become interactive with shows and show creators, build community and chat with people that share similar interest with you.

The feature, like many features on Facebook will be suggesting shows you may be interested in based on what your friends are watching.

Contents will be created by professional creators and regular people, Facebook hope Watch will be home to variety of shows from Sports, Comedy to Reality shows!

If you are thinking of Facebook Detox, this is a major set back for you I reckon, if you are loving social media binging, this is another one for you.

With over 2 Billion users on Facebook, this will represent massive opportunities for content creators to push out their contents and build new followers.

The key advantages of this new feature are not clear yet, it may evolve but the suspicion here is that Facebook is building a hub that will provide everything you need in one place!

Other applications and websites are known for specific features; Netflix for shows and series, YouTube for music, movies and short skit and Google video is particularly popular with  vloggers, although the intention maybe to rival all the existing ones, what determine the success of Facebook Watch may be dependent on the number of existing users that continue to feel Facebook is a medium to connect with friends rather than a hub that wants to be the answer to all our online social contents and interactive need.

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