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Concert goers were left disappointed when they arrived at the venue of Davido’s supposed OTTAWA 30 BILLION WORLD TOUR only discover there was no sign of any concert going on.

davido 1

Several attendees met at the gate with the non-Nigerians looking up to the Nigerians among them to provide answer as to why their country man failed to show up.

Their frustration was heightened by the fact that there was no prior notice and some have had to travel some distance to attend the show, and this came after previous cancellation and postponement on short notice.

The show organisers has now communicated to ticket holders to offer explanation, an apology and a refund.

here is the correspondence to all ticket holders


Organizer: Black Buddies ENT.
Order Number: 654942865
Refund Amount: CA$64.20
Note: For the past 2 months, our teams at Black Buddies Entertainment and Africa Live Canad have been working extremely hard to bring artist Davido in Ottawa, Canada. Our goal was to offer the public a great show. We signed a contract with Mr. Davido Adeleke for Thursday August 3rd 2017 and made a 70% deposit required. On the night of August 2nd to August 3rd 2017, we have received a call informing us that unfortunately Mr. Davido Adeleke had missed his flight and was not able to make it on time because he was taken in for questionning following an incident with his personal security. We were informed that his personal security allededgly fired shots on a busy highway of Lagos for no absolute reason in Nigeria.


Following complaints from people, they were all taken for questionning including Davido which made him miss his flight. Davido apologized to our team and reassured us right away that he will be coming on August 10th. He confirmed this by posting an apology on his page stating that it was entirely his fault due to unforseen circumstances, not the promoter’s fault and that he will be in Ottawa on August 10th. Going back to the night of August 2nd to August 3rd 2017, our team was surprised that Mr. Adeleke found himself in Cotonou 48 hours before our show, as Cotonou was not even included in his 30 billion world tour and knowing that it takes almost a full day to leave from the African continent to Canada. We contacted his team right away to express our concerns but his team reassured us that all will be well. On August 3rd 2017, we did everything within our power to make Davido respect our mutual agreement through a signed contract and we booked a Business class ticket for him to arrive in Ottawa at 8PM on August 3rd. We were happy that we were able to find a solution, but that happiness came to an end when Mr. Adeleke said that the flight we sent him had a 7 hour layover which was too much for him. This flight was, however, the only flight available. No efforts were made on Davido’s side to accommodate his own mistakes (allowing his personal security to allededgly shoot on a busy highway of Lagos which led to him missing his flight)- obligation. We went ahead and book the flights for Davido and his team with their permission only for them to cancel again which led us to losing a lot of money on plane tickets, switching dates with the venue and the logistical headaches that rose up with this situation and much more. Our team had a major concern as we felt like we were being played and misled, however, when the apology and new date was given by Mr. Adeleke, we believed that he would be able to make it up to our team, the fans and the public. Surprinsingly, yesterday evening, a similar scenario occurs. We are contacted last minute by Davido’s team to inform us that Mr. Adeleke has deliberately chosen not come to Ottawa because of an incident with immigration Canada that occured when he arrived last Friday in Toronto. Mr. Adeleke was alledgedly taken in for questionning for 4 hours because he alledgedly did not have a proper work visa to enter in Canada and alledgedly a potential affiliation to a gang member who declared that he was on Davido’s team and had been arrested in Toronto by the Canadian police. The issue was only resolved 4 hours later and Davido hit the stage in Toronto at around 3AM. HOWEVER, THIS does not concern us, should have never affected his contract with us and should not be an excuse for Davido not to show up in Ottawa as we have a signed contract with him which forces him to respect the terms of our agreement. Following this incident, Mr. Adeleke agreed not to leave Canada to make sure that he would be attending the date of August 10th 2017 without a problem. We are surprised to know that he has gone back to Altanta. Another agreement which was unfortunately not respected. We are in complete disbelief and shock after going through so much to offer you all a memorable show. Although it is entirely the responsibility and fault of the artist Davido, who once again, has chosen to breach our legal agreement (contract), we would like to sincerely apologize for this situation that is completely out of our control. We would like to first and foremost apologize to our team, NP PROD, NAIJA FLAVOUR, YOUNGNRESTLESS, Africa Live Canada, who have worked tirelessly, day and night to bring you an epic show; we would like to apologize to all of our artists and their management who have put so much efforts, sweat and money (who rented bands and equipment) into the prepartion of their performances (Daniel Keys, Enibeats, Eli Rose, Horus Rao, Runaway Randy Freeman, Claude), our co-hosts Ms. Gwen Madiba, Oh So Good; Mc Ebone; our Djs (Dj M$H, Dj Kandee, Dj Tyty, Dj Roz); and as importantly the fans and public who were all looking forward to this event. The members of publi c who took off work twice, the people who have travelled from out of town for this show, the people who have looked so much forward to this event, the people who even took 3 days off to be able to come out of town to be there, we sincerely and deeply apologize for the incovenience that this has caused you. You cannot understand how deeply and profoundly sorry we are that this is happening to us and you as well. We can only imagine your frustrations and we do hope that you understand ours as well. This situation is completely out of our control and has been extremely stressful for our team. We have chosen to share all this information with you out of transparency, because we strongly believe that the public must know the truth. We have gathered all documents (contract, social medias posts from Davido concerning the Ottawa date including the apology that he deleted) and we are puting them in the hands of our legal team. We sincerely apologize once again from the bottom our of hearts.

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