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What History Told Us about Charlottesville and Beyond.

So, the history we met, accept and adopt as the “truth” ultimately determine our biases.

History is powerful, it defines us, influence the behavior, mentality, and orientation of people that come after us and formed part of our culture.

The problem is, history is always written from the prism of the writer, as a result subjects to distortion, modification and sometimes falsehood.

This phenomenon of susceptibility of history to distortion pervades every sphere of life, from the creation of the earth to religion, race, and culture.

So, it is unsurprising that there are several versions of every historical event, even the events that are happening right now in our very present time are going through the same alterations depending on the sentiments of the writer, so we can begin to imagine how history will affect generations to come.

In early August, the “UNITE THE RIGHT” filed out to protest the removal of Robert E Lee, a Confederate General and the change of name of the park to Emancipation Park, so as expected, controversies ensued, clashes broke out, several injured, three people died (one protester and two helicopter officers).

trump 2

CHARLOTTESVILLE: The Danger of TRUMP’s Intervention.

Everyone took a side, the sides everyone supports was not determined by the facts of the matter, but determined by the preconceived bias which in turn was informed or determined by history.

trump 3

Charlottesville: Trump’s Condemnation a little too late.

So, the history we met, accept and adopt as the “truth” ultimately determine our biases.

History has it that the different groups that are involved in the “UNITE THE RIGHT” are terrorists.

They are terrorists by every definition of the word terrorism. Their ideological aim and objectives and their historical campaigns fit in perfectly to be termed, terrorists.

Groups such as the KKK and the NEO-NAZI both of which carried out ideological murderous campaigns against Blacks, Catholics, Jews and Whites they considered sympathetic to these targeted groups. These terrorist groups used bombings, shooting, gassing in the case of Nazi and all manners of unimaginable methods to intimidate and killed their victims, no wonder Nazi activities and matches are banned in Germany, and even Angela Merkel said:

 “It is racist, far-right violence, and clear, forceful action must be taken against it, regardless of where in the world it happens”

Angela Merkel Responds to Charlottesville

If you believe the “UNITE THE RIGHT” rally is appropriate and should be permissible, consider this:

In 50-70 years from now, if ISIS (the murderous, evil, despicable and vile terrorist organization) decides to protest in the United States or Mainland Europe or anywhere for that matter for any reason whatsoever, would you say it is appropriate and should be permissible?

Probably NO is your answer.

Probably because in 50-70 years time, we do not have a clue by how much events happening today would have been adulterated and distorted by historians, the same way some writers and historians have fiddled with historical events to such an extent that those that committed despicable acts, that should permanently be hiding away from the public are now being made out as heroes or victims in some cases.

WHY ARE KKK and NEO-NAZI groups allowed in the States:

The difference between ISIS and these groups is simply that ISIS is proscribed by law.

There is a protection of freedom of speech and expression by the United States first amendment, this includes offensive speech unless it intentionally and effectively provokes a crowd to immediately carry out a violent and unlawful action, this protects the right of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, and other hate groups to hold public rallies and express their vile views openly in the U.S.

Terrorist groups as we know today are able to occupy lands and claim territories in Iraq, Syria e.t.c. because of the break in law and order, war and destabilization in those regions which provided the fertile ground for them to thrive, if conditions permit, the so-called legal organizations that are spouting hateful campaigns on the street of the U.S in the name of free speech will engage in the same act. History told us they did, one would be denying slavery, murderous campaigns against blacks and a holocaust denial to argue they did not.

SO, history is important, history told us events at Charlottesville was not an accident and it will not be the last.

The black community faces existential, on-going and permanently present threat.

It is incumbent on us all, to protect history from becoming distorted, so evil people do not become saints and victims becomes evil.


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