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Wenger on OX, ALEXIS, WILSHERE and Thomas Lemar.

Arsenal manager conducted his customary press conference ahead of the clash against Liverpool FC on Sunday.


As expected questions continued to be asked on the future of his key players that have been linked to other clubs, particularly Alexis Sanchez who seems to be keen on a move away and Oxlade Chamberlain who has seen speculation about his future rise in the past couple of weeks.


sanchez 1

Wenger declared Alexis to be mentality and physically ready to feature against liverpool

Wenger also insist the player is very happy and focused on his job and not disturbed by all the external noise.

On Alexis’s contract, Wenger is cautiously optimistic about this. Although he refused to be drawn into question over the ongoing dynamics of Sanchez contract, but he insist the fact that his contract has entered the last year does not mean there is no chance of extending it.

Despite the optimistic note by Wenger on Alexis, he hinted the possibilities of the player leaving the club by suggesting the team is more important than one player, if it happens you have to find a way to survive at the top level he says.

I had to deal many times in my life with big departures, big players. I always focused more on the team and to deal with all the rest. No matter what, Arsenal and the team is important. Of course you want to keep your best players but you always think if it happens you have to find a way to survive at the top level and to find a way to make the team efficient. You don’t focus too much on individual players, you focus more on how the team can be strong enough to deal with what can happen.



ox 1

Wenger refused to be drawn on question on whether the much anticipated meeting between Oxlade Chamberlain and the Arsenal Hierarchy took place. Remember, a meeting was schedule between the player, Arsene and Ivan Gazidis for 23rd August where his future was supposed to be clarified.

Despite the speculation surrounding the player and now an apparent desire by the player to move on, Wenger insist the future of the player is very big at the Emirate stadium.

He is one of the players this team has to be built around in the future. Personally I want him to commit to the club and to be one of the carrier of the values of our team. Arsene Wenger


Wenger also expect the player to repay the time, confidence and money invested on him since buying him from a young age by showing responsibility for the future of the club.


jack 1.PNG

Wenger is now showing some signs of frustration over Wilshere lack of consistent presence.

“You know how much i love Jack and his talent, I started him at the age of 17 but in today’s football world, you need to have a consistence presence. 

What is at stake for Jack is not his quality, not his talent, not his determination. It’s his consistent presence at the top and I hope he can manage to do that, Nobody questions his quality.”




The speculation surrounding the possible transfer of Lemar to the Emirate stadium has now been put to rest permanently if Wenger words are to be believed.

It’s dead because Monaco has closed the door. They are still on cases like Mbappe and Fabinho. They’ve already lost Mendy, Bernardo Silva and Bakayoko, so Monaco is at a stage where they have closed the door.

The news around Lemar was at fever pitch level through out the summer but failed to materialised, The excuse given by Wenger will further compound the already frustrated Arsenal Fans who have seen another transfer window ending and the team lacking adequate reinforcement.


The failure by Wenger to reinforce his team may well backfire. The game against Liverpool is a vital test, and Arsenal fans have every reason to be worried seeing the manner with which Liverpool dispatched Hoffenheim to progress in the Champions League.

A lost against Liverpool, while it can be argued it is still very early in the season, will no doubt knock a great deal of confidence off the players, can further push the likes of Alexis and Oxlade to want to seek another club and the anti-Wenger Arsenal fans may be back out with demands for him to leave.

A win against Liverpool may paper over the lapses in the team in the short term, but the question of lack of reinforcement and the agitation of fans will starts anytime in the season when the club start drifting off the pace.

As mentioned in our article last night on the possible transfer of Alexis and Oxlade, the remaining days in the transfer window is very crucial for Arsenal and may well determine how well they do in the season.







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