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Here are What Some Arsenal Ex-Stars Had to say about the Defeat at Liverpool. Plus our selection of Arsenal FAN TV reaction.

Keown: It does not seem like Arsene Wenger is making rational decisions anymore

Perhaps you are feeling despondent as an Arsenal fan about the defeat at Liverpool and the season so far, if it is any consolation, you are not a lone.

Some ex-Arsenal players that trained, played and earned their names under Wenger have been speaking and they feel exactly the same way like you right now.

These guys are normally supportive of Arsene Wenger even at bad times, but the gloves are off and they are no longer holding back.

Some of their reactions range from outrage to being speechless.



“It’s painful, “It’s how they lose. It’s always the same. You have seen it before. Everything you see reminds me of what has happened for the last 10 years.

I knew what would happen today, I knew what was going to happen against Leicester [4-3 win], I knew what was going to happen at Stoke [1-0 defeat]… I am not that shocked, that’s what I expected today unfortunately.

The word I have used for a long time is comfort. Everything is comfortable at Arsenal. Everyone can stay, you don’t try to find out the player you can be, it’s ok to play well, and if you’re not playing well there’s not the pressure you should have at a big club”



“I’m struggling to remember a worse Arsenal performance than this. It was humiliating,

There are players who look as if they don’t want to be there — and a manager who looks like he has lost his way.

It does not seem like Arsene Wenger is making rational decisions.

Why did he leave Alexandre Lacazette — his club-record, £53million signing — on the bench for such an important match?

Surely it made sense to play him at a ground where Arsenal have not won for five years.

Why was Hector Bellerin deployed at left wing-back when Sead Kolasinac, a naturally left-sided player, was available?

And why sell Gabriel who, in my view, was Arsenal’s best pound-for-pound defender after Laurent Koscielny?”


Ian Wright is not known for short words, but this time he was short of words!

Like many other arsenal fans and ex-star, Ian Wright was embarrassed, which he reflected in a tweet after the game.

While so many pundits like Gary Neville and Danny Murphy have ripped into Wenger and the board, now the ex-Arsenal players coming out in this fashion is a confirmation of crisis indeed.

The fact that Thierry Henry said he expected the result at Leicester, Stoke and particularly at Liverpool speaks a lot. This is a legend of the club, whose statue adorns the Emirate stadium, who also had a short coaching spell with the club and a long term relationship with the current manager, hence presumably, he is speaking with the authority of insider knowledge here.


Arsenal Fan ratings of the players on ARSENALFAN TV

That Martin Keown effectively labelled Wenger irrational or inept is a disturbing realisation of the crisis Arsenal is in right now.

It is literarily possible to pick holes in every decision made by the Manager at Liverpool, from the selection to the substitution and to playing people off position.

The off pitch decisions are clumsy, irrational and senseless as well.

Selling Mustafi, a defender you bought at £35m only a year ago, selling Gabriel Paulista and sitting Kolasinac and Lacazette are some of the bizzarre decisions by Wenger that makes you query his sanity.

The question now is how low can it sink before Wenger do the honourable thing? The Wenger out Brigade normally come out in December, when Arsenal traditionally begin their 2-3 months run of abysmal form, but this season, they surely are out already in August.

Despite winning three FA Cups in Four years, it looks like Wenger continually put a dent on his legacy every passing minute he remains at the helms of the club.


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