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A player with 25% shooting and 20% crossing accuracy is not a player you need to compete for the league nor the Champions League.

Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-chamberlain have rejected the advances of Chelsea FC despite a £40m offers from the blues.

ox 2



Traditionally, when players declare their intention to leave a club and do so openly, it is unwise for the club to hold on to them. Their continuing presence in the squad can be toxic and bring down the morale in the dressing room.

The distraction they would cause and division is enough to impact on the team performances on the pitch.

The need for cohesion and oneness in the team surpass the presence of anyone player.

As Chamberlain have declared his intention openly to move on, it is now a matter of necessity for Arsenal to offload him.


Chamberlain is in the last year of his contract and will be free to walk away for free come next summer, this will leave Arsenal loosing out financially when they don’t need to.

Selling him to any club between £30 to £40m for a player of his quality is a better business than letting him run down his contract.

Chamberlain is not an Ashley Cole, Nasri, Van Persie, Adebayor or even a Gael Clichy that moved to rival clubs, Chamberlain, regardless of any club he goes, he would not be a threat to Arsenal in footballing terms.

Chamberlain remaining at Arsenal will not improve Arsenal’s quality, as it can be attested to in the first three games of the season in which he featured in all.

One may excused him because he was played out of position but that does not totally absolved him of the level of poor quality he showed on the ball.

If using the last three games against Leicester, Stoke and Liverpool to assess his quality is unfair, we can use his previous six years at Arsenal to assess him.


chamberlain stats


A player with 25% shooting and 20% crossing accuracy is not a player you need to compete for the league nor the Champions League.

Therefore, keeping him for the remainder of his contract is definitely not worth the potential loss of £30 to £40M.


Granted, he is not leaving Arsenal for money because as it has now emerged that he turned down Chelsea who have met both Arsenal demands and his personal terms, apparently because he feared he won’t be played down the middle, and so he will rather wait for Liverpool to come for him.

Liverpool is reported to be interested and may bid but with less valuation and possibly lower wage to what Chelsea offered him.

So, it can be said that his intention to move is not driven by money, remember Arsenal offered him £180k per week which he rejected, so, the reason he wants to move can only be because of potential to win trophies or to be played in his preferred position which is in the midfield.

The question then is that, which club with potential to win trophies can Chamberlain realistically displace any of their midfielders week in week out?

It is my view that based on his career at Arsenal so far, he cannot lay claim to regular first 11 of Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea.

At liverpool he may get a crack at the middle as Coutinho is moving to Barcelona, however if Thomas Lemar arrived at Anfield, that prospect may quickly disappear. The signing of Naby Keita who will arrive in summer of 2018 is another reason Chamberlain won’t be a permanent feature in Liverpool’s midfield.

However, regardless of his decision to move to Chelsea or Liverpool in the coming hours, it is incumbent on Arsenal to sell him to preserve the team spirit and also recoup some of the financial and time investment made on him.


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