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Effective from 2018 to the end of current parliamentary period in Briain in 2022, the funding will total £200m equating to £50m per year.

Tottenham have completed the signing of Serge Aurier from PSG.


After he completes his move he has this to say:

“This is a huge and exciting opportunity at a massive football club and I am determined to prove myself as a professional both on and off the pitch.

“This is a fresh start for me and I will do everything to make the Spurs fanbase, which is huge and diverse, proud of me. The fans are the most important people at any club and I am looking forward to showing them and everyone at Spurs the real Serge Aurier.”

Following the sale of Kyle Walker to Manchester City in a £50M deal, Tottenham is closing in on the Ivorian Right back.


He has been a long term target for Arsenal, but sadly now joins the long list of Arsenal targets that never materialized.

His acquisition by Tottenham is pending work permit from the Home Office in the UK.

This would not normally be a problem as Ivory Coast meets the criteria of countries whose citizens are eligible for football work permit based on FIFA ranking, but Serge Aurier has a suspended history of two months suspended prison sentence for assaulting police office, this prevented him from entering the UK in November of 2016 for a Champions League game against Arsenal.


Tottenham is however confident his work permit will go through and they will get their man.

This represented a good business on the part of Tottenham as they sold Kyle Walker for £50M and are paying PSG £23m for Serge Aurier whose footballing abilities are not in doubt.

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