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“Remember. we only kill black people” Lt. Greg Abbott

A Georgia police officer with 30 years of experience Lt. Greg Abbott of Cobb County Police Department in the United States told a woman during a traffic stop “But you’re not black, we only kill black people”

A dash-cam  shows Greg Abbott standing outside a vehicle during a driving under the influence traffic stop telling a woman in the car that “remember, we only kill black people. we only kill black people, right?” in response to the woman telling the officer she was afraid to move her hands.

The woman can be heard saying “ok, i just don’t want to put my hands down. I’m really sorry, I’ve just seen way too many videos of cops” before she was interrupted by the cop with the statement in quote below.


“But you’re not black, Remember, we only kill black people. Yeah, we only kill black people, right? All the videos you’ve seen, have you seen any white people get killed? You have.”




As at 31st Aug, according to Washington Post Police fatal shooting data bank, the U.S POLICE have killed 660 people, that is a whopping 82.5 per month, of this, black people suffers 21% of this fatal shootings even though in proportion of the country, black constitute far lower, about 15% of total National Population.

This revelation will only further underline the belief by many that majority of the black fatal shooting are in fact extra judicial motivated by racial hatred and has nothing to do with law enforcement tactics or self-defence.

The non-fatal encounter of police by blacks is similarly dangerous, the brute and excessive force particularly applied in these circumstances bear witness to the fact that American Police sees a black man as a fair game for hunting and brutality.

The unbelievable leniency enjoyed by these officers involved in fatal shooting despite video evidences only emboldened the next officers with racially motivated prejudice to on and kill, knowing some “made-up” technical excuse would get them out of jail.

Stop for a moment and think, if the drunken white woman in the car that day was a black person, what would happen?

They probably get shot and defence attoney like Lance LoRusso will come up with ideas such as the passenger was disorderly and so a threat to the officer

Sacking of this officer is not enough, all the shootings he has ever been involved in, regardless of the outcome now need to be investigated for motives other than law enforcement.







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