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The Truth about the Thomas Lemar’s January “Agreement in Principle” News

The news was reported by several media houses and blogs that Thomas Lemar have agreed to come to Arsenal in January for a reported weekly wages of £250,000 per week and £92m fees to Monaco.

The news that Thomas Lemar moves to Arsenal is a done deal has gone viral, it sounds very sensational and so we decided to look into it. How true is it?

The news was reported by several media houses and blogs that Thomas Lemar have agreed to come to Arsenal in January for a reported weekly wages of £250,000 per week and £92m fees to Monaco.

The Sun, 101greatgoals, Football365, express to name but a few.

It turns out that every media house that reported this story fetched it from THE DAILYSTAR

The daily star report was written by its Chief Football Writer David Woods and published September 8th.




Lemar was reported to have rejected a move to Arsenal just over a week ago


The headline

Arsenal confident they can rekindle £92m deal for Thomas Lemar in January. Daily Star

Now, reading in between the line, anyone would see the obvious here. Arsenal “confident they can rekindle” is different from Arsenal “have agreed a £92m deal in principle for Lemar”. It is not just semantic, it is totally sensationalizing a news.


Thomas Lemar 1

Thomas Lemar was a hot property during the transfer window but ended up staying with Monaco


The Story

Starsport understands a deal has been agreed in principle with Monaco along with a five-year contract for the France midfielder, worth around £250,000-a-week. Daily Star

Again, reading in between the line, the body of the story contradicts the headline, because when you have already had “agreement in principle”, you have gone past the stage of “hoping or confident you can rekindle a deal”. Right?

question mark

Looking beyond the semantic, just a few days ago, it was reported that even though Arsenal had met the £92m asking price for Lemar on the deadline day, the player turned down the chance to move to London, this again was reported by many media houses. The question is, what has changed from a week ago that he has changed his mind?

Major Reasons why this is sensational news and not necessarily factual

  • Monaco, seeing how prices of players are escalating would not agree four months ahead of a proposed sale, they would rather hold on and trigger a bidding war to get more money on the player! If at all there is any agreement, it is a verbal discussion that cannot stand a legal test. Assuming Lemar excel as expected between now and January, more clubs would join the race and his price would go up, even with his established performances, it is very likely, Arsenal will not be the only club pursuing him come January or July-August 2018.

In any case, agreement in principle in football is never binding if history is a useful guide. Players have agreed, reports for medical and get a phone call from their agent or another club’s manager and they abandon the medical of the club they previously agree to join.

  • Monaco is in the Champions League in a group that includes Porto, Besiktas, and Leipzig. Monaco will most certainly fancy their chances of going past the group stages, thus will need their best players beyond January. If at all they want to sell, they will not likely sell mid-season.

  • Lastly, Monaco will have a reasonable Sports psychologist who will advise that agreeing to sell someone four months in advance while they are still in active service for you will affect their level of performance and commitment. Thus, for the sake of the player’s Psychology, they will not want to unsettle him, right?


Thomas Lemar new

Come the next transfer window, Arsenal is not likely going to be the only club after his signature


Overall, we think Arsenal may still be interested in Lemar and may have the intention of going back for him, but we are almost certain there is no “Agreement in Principle” either with the player or the club, this is simply a Sensational News!

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