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Arsenal true test will be the game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on the 17th after the Cologne game on Thursday 14th

Arsene Wenger post match comments suggest he may be reading too much into the victory against Bournemouth.


wenger today

Arsene Wenger is very pleased with the result and performance


When Arsene Wenger was asked about the team performance:

“Yes, in two ways. First of all I would have been happy with the win, but the way we played as well I think added to the way we responded, so overall I am pleased. You check the team after a bad performance. How much is in there? How much can they respond? Overall I think we did very well” Arsene Wenger

With due respect to Bournemouth, they are a good side and there are no more push-over clubs in the Premiership, but a win over Arsenal would be considered an upset, and so, the result of the match was a valid expectation, what in fact was a disappointment was that Arsenal did not score more goals to erase the negative goal difference.

Arsenal currently sits in the 9th position on the table, a win for Swansea City against Newcastle and a victory for Burnley against Crystal Palace will send Arsenal to 11th place. This early season position on the table is irrelevant but it is an indication of an avoidable terrible start to a season and there is no getting away from this fact.

A win over Bournemouth does not tell us much as to whether the team has fixed the lapses that saw them lost two premier league games back to back against Stoke and Liverpool, and labored to win their first game against Leicester.

The real tests that will reveal how far and by how much the team has learned from the bad start are the games against FC Cologne at the Emirate on the 14th and more importantly, the Chelsea game at Stamford Bridge Next Sunday 17th.

FC Cologne is in a bad run of form, the club currently sits at the bottom of the Bundesliga Table, having lost their first three games and acquiring minus six goal difference in the process. Cologne last two league games were against Augsburg and Hamburger, both of which they conceded at least three goals, so Arsenal again will be expected to comfortably defeat Cologne at the Emirate Stadium.

Chelsea on the other has won their last three league games against Tottenham, Everton, and Leicester. Although Arsenal defeated Chelsea in the Community Shield, which does not count for more than a friendly game, the league encounter on Sunday 17th will demonstrate to a large extent the true shape of Arsenal.

Chelsea and Arsenal last season both won their home league games against each other. Arsenal resounding 3-0 victory at the Emirate in September was ironically credited for Chelsea turnaround, by the time Arsenal visited Stamford Bridge in February, Chelsea was already the league winner in waiting.

Arsenal will be hoping they replicate Chelsea’s 2016/17 season, where they had a mixed to a bad start but turned it around, and so the Liverpool thrashing of Arsenal may just be the defeat needed for Arsenal to turn their season around, although this may be a wishful thinking on the account of the squad depth and qualities.

Yes, Wenger should praise the boys for a job well done but this should be done in a more reflective way considering the opposition, so they don’t lose their head.


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