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Martin Keown: There is Only One Outcome For Ozil at Arsenal.

Arsenal legend points the way forward for Ozil-Arsenal contract impasse

Ozil has come in for a sharp criticism for Arsenal defeat at the Vicarage road against Watford, despite only coming in the 2nd half.

The almost out-of-contract playmaker missed a one-to-one chance from an Iwobi pass that he shot straight at the goalkeeper despite being under a very limited pressure from the Watford defence, 32sec later Arsenal conceded the controversial penalty that heralded Watford come back.

Ozil again was involved in a lacklustre ball control in the middle of the pack, where he lackadaisically lose the ball in the Arsenal half, 30sec later, Arsenal went behind from a Tom Cleverley goal.

The 5sec clip that indicts Ozil in Arsenal game against Watford.

The former Arsenal defender told BT Sport that the only solution to Ozil-Arsenal situation is for Arsenal to sell him in January.


keown 3

Martin Keown wants Arsenal to sell Ozil


“The top players are ruthless and they don’t play for fun. I don’t know if he’s got that ruthlessness in his makeup.

That ball has got to be in the back of the net. That should be game over, Arsenal have won the game,

People might think I’m gunning for him, but you’ve got to be clinical in those situations.

Is he really bothered? He’s just missed a chance to win a game for Arsenal”

Keown went further:

“Everything that happens afterwards wouldn’t have happened. I don’t know if he cares enough or not but he’s certainly not ruthless enough.

He had a gilt-edged opportunity to wrap up proceedings today and he didn’t take it.

There’s only one outcome here. When it comes to January surely Mesut Ozil will be gone”


ozil 9

Ozil is out of contract by the end of this season


Ozil is out of contract along with Wilshere and Sanchez, while Keown will want Arsenal to hold on to Sanchez till the very last minute of his contract, he is very clear on what he wants to happen to Ozil.

Keown has regularly questioned Ozil’s commitment, input and performances, and his criticism of Ozil in the game against Watford is not any different.


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