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Jurgen Klopp just Handed Chamberlain a Massive Dose of a Reality Check

it can never be without training as a No 8 first

Former Arsenal player, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been handed a massive dose of a reality check by his current manager Jurgen Klopp.

Chamberlain left Arsenal in the summer for a fee of about £40m in search of a role in the middle of the pack, he was so desperate for this position that he turned down a £180k a week new contract at Arsenal and a £210k a week at Chelsea for a £125k a week at Liverpool.

Since moving to Liverpool, his expectation of regular starting position has not been realised, and when he comes from the bench, he plays predominantly on the wing, the position he sacrificed money and burnt bridges for at Arsenal.

If Chamberlain thinks his current situation at Liverpool is short term, his manager has just woken him up from his sleep.



Chamberlain has only started one game for Liverpool, an EFL match.


Klopp addressing the press said this about Chamberlain:

“Without training and playing in the middle of the park it doesn’t make sense, At this moment he is training only on the wing so it is clear when he does start playing in the middle, it can never be without training as a No 8 first” Klopp on Chamberlain

He goes further to say:

“It is not good for him, and it is not good for us, and at the moment when he is training, he trains on the wing. At the moment it is clear but I know once again it is a long-term thing, it is not fixed for the next five years” Klopp on Chamberlain

These words from a manager who fought hard to take the former Arsenal player to Liverpool will definitely not be a comfortable listening for Chamberlain and will certainly be heartbroken for him, the manager is essentially saying Chamberlain will effectively be an apprentice for a number 8 position all over again, otherwise, it does not make sense expecting to be played in that position.

Chamberlain again starts from the bench today in Liverpool’s Champions League tie against Maribor with the manager going with Mo Salah.

However, it is not all bad, as Chamberlain received a lot of plaudits from his manager for his cameo display against Manchester United in a goalless draw over the weekend.

“I cannot say how happy I was to see Chambo playing like this, I said he needed a little bit of time and my most positive thing was that finally he has arrived, but it always takes time. I really loved the performance when he came on” Klopp on Chamberlain for his performance against Man U

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