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Arsenal’s Faces a Prospect of Replay After Allegedly in Breach of EFL Rule 10

Arsenal appears to have breached rule 10 of the EFL

Arsenal’s 4th round match against Norwich has been thrown in controversies and may have to be replayed.

Gunners won the tie thanks to a dramatic two-goal heroics by a record setting teenager Edward Nketiah who became the first player born after Arsene Wenger’s reign begins to score for the club.


Edward Nketiah double gave Arsenal victory over Norwich

The substitutions made by Arsenal has come under scrutiny after it allegedly breached EFL CUP RULE 10 which state as follows:

10.1 Each team is permitted up to seven substitutes of whom not more than three may take part in the match.

10.2 Where any match goes to extra time, each Club participating in that match will be permitted to use an additional substitute (in extra time only).

Arsenal introduced Joe Willock for Jack wilshere and Da Silva for Iwobi both in the 114 and 105 minutes respectivdly, being the extra time which appears to be against the rule set out, although the match winner Edward Nketiah was introduced in the 85 minutes.

Arsenal made total of three substitutions, while Norwich made four subs, the last being a double substitutions in the 90+2 minutes.

Rule 24 that set out the penalty was unclear as to what would happen to Arsenal if the club is found guilty or in breach of any of the rule.

 24.1 The Management Committee shall have full power to investigate alleged breaches of these Rules and impose against Clubs whom they shall deem guilty of having offended against or committed a breach of these Rules, such penalties by way of reprimand, fine or other penalty (or any combination thereof) as the Committee may think fit in the circumstances, and shall be entitled to order any Club to pay compensation to any other Club for any such offence against or breach of these Rules or misconduct.

The likely outcome may be for organizers to rule that a replay is the fairest outcome, while Arsenal should be able to execute a replay, it will, however, be an irritation to club’s schedule and focus, while at the same time, a replay may mean that Edward Nketiah’s goals may not stand to be counted as part of his record.

Manchester City is also faced with the same prospect following their goalless match against Wolves, which was decided by a 4-1 penalty shoot out victory in City’s favour.

Man City also used four subs, bringing in Sane and Walker in the 95th and 104 minutes respectively.

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