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STATS: De Bruyne has Assist Rate Better than Ozil and How they both compared with Fabregas

In context, De Bruyne has played 41% fewer games than Ozil, and he has engaged in 19% more tackles than Ozil.

Arsenal faces Manchester City on Sunday 5th November at the Etihad Stadium.

The gunners are hoping to be the first club to stop Pep Guardiola’s team while Manchester City will be looking to extend their lead even further, the outcome of the game is very much likely to be determined in the middle of the pack.

The host currently top the table with some frightening statistics, scoring 3.5 goals per match, which almost double that of Arsenal’s 1.9. Manchester City has also conceded the 2nd fewest goals (6), only Man United (4) have conceded fewer goals than City.

Much has been said about Arsenal midfielder, Mesut Ozil, with rumours linking him away from the club, early season injury and poor performances turned some fans against him, but an emphatic performance against Everton quickly reminds Arsenal fans that Ozil still got it, whether or not he leaves in January, July or extend his contract will continue to be a subject of speculations, however, Arsenal’s Sunday opponent has another mercurial midfielder in Kevin De Bruyne.

The former Chelsea player has been widely credited for Manchester City’s play going forward and the manager Pep Guardiola hailed him as one of the best players he has seen.


Ozil has assisted 44 goals since arriving from Madrid, this translates to 0.35 assist per game over 124 matches, this is significantly lower than De Bruyne 0.45 and only comparable to Fabregas’s 0.33 assist per game.

Fabregas rate is particularly impressive when the number of games played is┬áconsidered, but De Bruyne assist rate fly in the face of Ozil’s popular reputation as the “king of assist”.


Ozil passes per match is a lot better than both Kevin De Bruyne and Cesc Fabregas, and Ozil through balls is almost double De Bruyne’s, an indication that if Arsenal strikers are converting chances created, Ozil’s assists record will even be better than it is right now.

Ozil plays further up the field which explains why his long balls are fewer than the other two players.


ozil debruyne and fabregas.PNG


Mesut Ozil is somewhat of a defensive liabilities if his statistics are considered.

In context, De Bruyne has played 41% fewer games than Ozil, and he has engaged in 19% more tackles than Ozil.

The three players have the same success rate though when they go into tackles.

De Bruyne also has a better record when it comes to recoveries and duel won, surprisingly, Ozil is better than Fabregas in recoveries, this may, however, be due to the effect of averaging as Fabregas has played a lot more matches.

Statistics show that Ozil has a better record when it comes to “duel” lost per game, but this may actually be due to the fact that he goes into fewer duels compared with De Bruyne, you have to go into it to lose or win it.

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