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Man City vs Arsenal: Guardiola Speaks About Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez

While Guardiola was reluctant to speak about Sanchez, understandably, he was more forthcoming with a long line of answers to questions about Ozil.


Man City Manager Pep Guardiola speaks about two of Arsenal’s key players in his press conference ahead of the clash between the two clubs.


ozil and sanchez

Sanchez is wanted by Man City while Ozil has refused to sign a new contract


While Guardiola was reluctant to speak about Sanchez, understandably, he was more forthcoming with a long line of answers to questions about Ozil.

The manager speaks about his admiration for Ozil and refuses to rule out a January move for Sanchez

ON OZIL in Quotes:


ozil 8

Guardiola thinks Ozil body language is unhelpful but also think ex-players are too critical of the player


“Maybe his body language doesn’t help him too much, But sometimes the body language confuses the opinions of the critics, the media or old players.

“For me it is tough. I accept your (the media) view and your opinions, but for old players to criticise when months ago, years ago they were on the pitch and they know how tough it is working there.

“Old players now they are prestigious journalists with opinions, they forget immediately that they were there and gave performances like the players right now.

“That is what it is and we have to accept it.

“Even managers speak bad, old managers speak badly about managers for what they are.

“I don’t understand it.”

 “I don’t have doubts about him in terms of his quality. I enjoy him. I saw him at Real Madrid and here.

“You always get criticised when the team lose. But I admire him a lot”

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On Sanchez in Quotes


alexis sanchez

Sanchez has refused a new contract and his wanted by City


“He (Sanchez) is an Arsenal player, his manager has to speak about him. You know the situation before when the transfer window was open, but now it’s closed. Let’s not talk about that.

He is such an important player for them, for the talent he has, and we have to try to control him. Let’s just focus on that.”

Guardiola added that he will continue to improve his squad at every given opportunity, without ruling out the possibilities of bidding for Sanchez in January.

Reports in Mid-October has it that Guardiola has given up on signing Sanchez in January and will prefer a free transfer in July but his press conference comments may be taken in the context of being open to put in a bid in January.


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