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Justin Fairfax Becomes Virginia 2nd Black Lieutenant Governor in a Sweeping Election Night in Favour of the Democratic Party

Election Night Result in the USA.


Contested between Ralph Northam for the Democrat and  Republican’s Ed Gillespie

The incumbent is a Democrat Terence Richard McAuliffe, preceded by a Republican Robert Francis McDonnell, hence Virginia is a swing state.

Tuesday 7th, Nov 2017 election was won by the Democrat Ralph Northam by 53.9% to Gillespie’s 45% translating to 1, 405, 256 and 1, 172, 622 respectively

President Trump promptly lays the blame swiftly on Ed Gillespie for not embracing him and his style, while some analyst believes the President is to blame, as this represents a message to him that the people of Virginia reject the path he is taken America.


Contested between Democrat Justin Fairfax and Republican Jill Holtzman Vogel.

The incumbent is now the Governor-elect Ralph Northam, preceded by the Republican Bill Bolling.

Justin Fairfax won by 52.7% to Vogel’s 47.3% translating to 1,361,347 and 1,222,638 respectively.

Justin Fairfax becomes Virginia’s second African-American lieutenant governor after Doug Wilder who went on to become the first black Governor of Virginia in 1986.

Justin Fairfax has never held any elected office before, at 38 years of age, he is seen as a rising star in the Democratic party.


Contested between Democratic incumbent Mark Herring and Republican John Adams

Herring won by 53.3% to Adams 46.7% translating to 1,380,825 and 1,210,810.


New Jersey is currently held by the Republican Gov. Chris Christie and contested by the incumbent Lieutenant Governor  Kim Guadagno for the Republican and former Goldman Sachs executive, Phil Murphy for the Democratic Party.

Phil Murphy won by 55.5% to Kim Guadagno 42.5%, translating to 1,138,045 and 870,998 respectively.

New Jersey has now changed hand from Jon Corzine a Democrat to a Republican Chris Christie to another Democrat Phil Murphy.


Mayor Bill de Blasio easily held on to his seat with a convincing thumping of the Republican candidate Nicole Malliotakis with 66.5% to 27.8% translating to 726,361 and 303,742 respectively.

The Republican party previously hold the New York Mayoral seat back to back by Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg before De Blasio in 2014.


Utah was a no contest and almost an impossible mountain to climb for the Democratic party, being a reliable Republican district, made available by the retirement of Republican Jason Chaffetz, the Republican easily hold on to the seat by an extraordinary 57.6% to Democrat’s 27.1%.

The Republican candidate John Curtis was congratulated by the Democratic party candidate Kathie Allen

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