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Arsenal Put a Price Tag on Ozil Ahead of January Transfer

Arsenal put a price tag on Ozil and Manchester United are keen

Arsenal have decided to cash in on Mesut Ozil in January and Manchester United are keen on the attacking Midfielder, this is according to The DailyStar

Ozil contracts end in summer of 2018, a back and forth speculation on his future making rounds between the club, the media and his agent for well over a season, however, the January 2018 transfer window is the last opportunity for the club to cash in or allow him to move for free at the end of his contract.

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Arsenal plotting the return of a former player to replace Ozil while Ozil demanding Wilshere’s shirt number before signing a new contract.

It was reported by the Sun yesterday that Ozil is demanding for Jack Wilshere’s number 10 Jersey as a condition to signing a new deal, although Wilshere is also facing his own contract issue at Arsenal that is only down to fitness, however, Ozil’s demand if true will put the club in an impossible situation.

With the report of Manchester United being keen to take Ozil in January and Arsenal putting a figure of £30m on him, if the DailyStar report is to be believed, it will be a good way to resolve a long-standing contract issue where everyone is a winner!

Arsenal gets to recoup more than half of what they pay Real Madrid for him with less than six months on his contract, Manchester United get to buy a player their Manager to desperately want to reunite with, having worked together at Madrid and Ozil get to remain in the Premiership.


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