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Meet Siya Xuza: The South African Inventor and Entrepreneur with a Planet named in his Honour

NASA-affiliated Lincoln Laboratory named a minor planet after him, Planet 23182, found near Jupiter, is now known as Siyaxuza.

One of the speakers at the just concluded MiSK Global Forum in Saudi Arabia was Siyabulela Xuza, who shared the stage at the forum with other speakers such as Bill Gates, Queen Rania of Jordan and the co-founder of LinkedIn Allen Blue, to mention but a few.

siya xuza

Named Audi brand ambassador in 2014

Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation “MiSK” is a non-profit foundation in its second year. The forum brought top global thinkers with young innovators, academics and policymakers to discuss how to navigate the new opportunities and challenges presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Born in 1989, Siya Zuxa is the founder of Galactic Energy Ventures, whose aim is to provide cleaner energy solution to Africa’s energy crisis. He told CNN’s Richard Quest on “Quest Means Business” aired from the forum in Saudi that Galactic Energy Ventures is nearing a commercial phase and needing capital to push through.

He is acknowledged and recognized as South Africa’s youngest innovator.

A graduate of Energy Engineering from Harvard University, with a passion for harnessing the power of the sun for clean affordable energy.

Siya Xuza started experimenting with rocket fuels at home in Mthatha, a small South African town, the result of this experiment in his mother’s kitchen created a cheaper and safer rocket fuel, which won him a gold at the National Science Expo and the two grand awards at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair.

NASA-affiliated Lincoln Laboratory named a minor planet after him, Planet 23182, found near Jupiter, is now known as Siyaxuza. The planet was discovered in 2000 with absolute magnitude of 14.9 near asteroid belt.

In 2010, Siya received a Fellowship to the African Leadership Network, the exclusive community of the most influential leaders in Africa.

In 2011, he served as the youngest member of the Africa 2.0 Energy Advisory Panel and was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper.

Named Audi brand ambassador in 2014.

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama publicly recognized Siya’s work, describing him and President Barack Obama as “living proof of what the legendary President Nelson Mandela once said: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

In his own words:

“I realized that Africa, South Africa, is equally capable to compete head and shoulder against the world when it comes to innovation — the greatest minds, we are equally capable. Nothing is impossible.” 

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