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Stunt Gone Wrong- Daredevil fell to his death in pursuit of money

Daredevil stunt gone wrong

A daredevil stunt man fell to his death from a 62nd story building in his last death-defying stunt that went wrong.

Wu Yongning, a 26yr Old popular Chinese stunt man died in November but only became a widespread public knowledge after a post by his girlfriend this month marking his one-month of passage, and also reported by local Chinese media.

The stunt man took the elevator to the 40th floor being the last floor reached by the elevator and was seen climbing up the remaining floors.


his uncle told the media he was attempting a rooftoping challenge of 100,000 Yuan, approximately £10,000, a fund he planned to use for his sick mother and a proposal to his girlfriend, but this proof not to be the case as he never made it back alive.

why the news of his death went relatively unreported despite his popularity and large following of over 1m on Chinese social media app remain a mystery but his death has now been all but confirmed to have occurred over a month ago.



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