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The Reason Alexis Sanchez Refused New Arsenal Contract

Arsenal 2016 Champions League thrashing was responsible for Alexis Sanchez contract rebellion according to Matt Hughes

According to Matt Hughes, the deputy football corespondent for the TIMES, Alexis Sanchez had agreed a deal to renew or extend his Arsenal contract but changed his mind after Arsenal’s humiliating 10-2 two legged Champions League defeat in the hands of Bayern Munich.

The received wisdom was that Sanchez desire to work with Pep Guardiola at Manchester City or wants more money to remain at Arsenal, £400k per week was rumoured at a point, but this revelation by Matt Hughes if true says a lot about Sanchez both positive and negative and a lot about the long term ambition of Arsenal football club.

Sanchez desire to win is unquestionable, he is a highly competitive athlete and a fighter with taste for trophies, all these are positive attributeS of his, that is what you need in every player but they come with attitude that is potentially damaging and can have negative impact in the dressing room.

Sanchez demeanour since his failed move to Man city in the summer has been appalling, the stat tells it all, the fans can see it and team mates can feel it, the manager won’t admit it and will keep him on the pitch regardless, but it’s pretty obvious that he does not want to be with the club anymore.

In comparison to Philip Coutinho, who also pushed for a move in the summer but failed, he was even reported to have cried on the shoulder of one of his international team mates, however, since returning to the side, he has vastly improved the fortune of Liverpool and one can barely see the signs of him still wanting to leave, even though Barcelona may be coming back with a higher bid for him.

Sanchez’s decision not to proceed with the contract extension solely based on the thrashing by Bayern was a pathetic excuse, Barcelona have suffered heavy pounding in Europe, notably 7-0 aggregate in the 2013 Champions League Semi-final defeat to the same Bayern, the Barca players did not throw heir dummies and a transfer request as a result, instead they pulled together and go on to win the trophy in the 2014-2015 season.


How the club handle heavy defeat also matter, did the manager treat such defeat as another day in the office or draw a line and pull all the stop to make sure it never happened and show great ambition going forward to assure the players that it was a one off? The manager probably treated the defeat as another bad day in the office, this may be responsible for Sanchez wanting to leave.

Players have left clubs because the club ambitions and that of the players do not match, and players have refused to sign for clubs because they fail to convince them of the club’s ambition, this may well be the case here.

So Arsenal may well be guilty in the ongoing drama with Sanchez for showing lack of ambition and it does not appear that this has changed.


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