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Anthony Milan Ross: Probable Motive for Triple Xmas Day Murder of Ex-wife and kids

What could possibly lead a “doting” father turned his gun on his children and sniff life out of them in such a cold-blooded manner?

The motive for the murders on Chrismas Day by Anthony Milan Ross will overtime be figured out during the course of his trial but it has emerged that divorce and its complication is a probable motive.


Milan Ross and his estranged wife commenced the dissolution of their marriage earlier this year.

Milan Ross, a motivational speaker who still has the advert for his upcoming February 2018 events on his official Twitter page killed his ex-wife Iris Ross as she attempted to run away from his apartment when she came to pick the children up as agreed. Her body was found in the parking lot of the apartment.

milan ross onemilan ross two

Although the timing of the death of their two children 10 months old Anora and 11yr old Nigel is not known yet, it was alleged he turned the gun on them after killing their mother and subsequently engaged attending police officers in a gun battle before surrendering.

Iris Ross’ sister told ABC that she received a text message earlier that afternoon that stated, “I just killed Iris and the kids.” Moments later, another text came, announcing, “with a gun.”

As the motive is yet unclear, attention will likely be focused on their marriage and subsequent divorce.

Was Milan Ross unhappy with the demise of his marriage and will rather kill the wife rather than let her go? or was he unhappy with the court settlement?

Nigel Ross, their first child often appear on his video and so it can be concluded that he had access to his children, as a fact, on this occasion, he had them on Chrismas Eve and Iris was to collect them in the morning so they can spend Chrismas day with her.

What could possibly lead a “doting” father turned his gun on his children and sniff life out of them in such a cold-blooded manner? just hours after appearing on video with one of them singing Xmas songs and months after declaring on Tv interviews that the children are the motivation for him to get his weight and health on track?

In any case, Milan Ross has cut short the life of his entire family, including his own. The state of Arizona has mandatory death or natural life imprisonment for murder, he is charged with three counts of first-degree murder and most probably will be found guilty.


GoFundMe Page for Iris, Nigel, and Anora burial here.

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