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Wenger on Sanchez future as former Liverpool striker, John Aldridge Wants the Anfield Giant to Sign Him

It is my guess that, after the Arsenal vs Chelsea clash today 3rd, there may be more clarification from the club over Sanchez future.

Alexis Sanchez future as expected is continuing to be a subject of speculations and denial.



Arsene Wenger however in his press conference ahead of the Chelsea game today hinted at what could be read as the club’s plans on the matter.

Wenger as usual insists the club will do “everything” to told on to the players, referring to both Sanchez and Ozil, and also claimed no official bid or approach has been made by any club for Sanchez but more importantly, a subtle but significant line in his statement was where he said the “club has sold many great players in the past” and survived.

Arsene Wenger is very good at managing fans expectations, i mean he tactically managed to convince majority of the fans that not winning the league in over a decade is not exactly a bad thing, and so the point made subtly to pressmen about the club not being afraid to lose any player comes sharply under his tactics.

Admitedly, the outcome of the Sanchez transfer saga is not out rightly in the hands of Wenger, the board, the player and the willingness or desperation of the other clubs comes into play, but it can be said that Wenger, among all the factors in this, holds the highest ace.

John Aldrige, former Liverpool striker this morning said Liverpool should bid £40m for Sanchez to replace Barcelona bound Philip Coutinho, while the injury to Man City’s Gabriel Jesus can potentially increase Pep Guardiola’s desperation to fortify his team, and PSG are known to be very keen to take him on, hence this Sanchez’s drama promises to give and give throughout the winter window.

It is my guess that, after the Arsenal vs Chelsea clash today 3rd, there may be more clarification from the club over Sanchez future. Man City may not want to spook the player prior to a major clash for his current club by putting a bid, and may make a move after today.


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