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The Secret Life of Anthony Milan Ross. The Vegan Chef That Killed his Family on Xmas Day

“My heart is broken for Ms. Iris’s family,” Shalonda said, describing the “punching, choking, slapping,” she said she suffered at the hands of her father.

Anthony Milan Ross, the man accused of killing his estranged wife and two kids on Christmas day has a very dark past.

Two women came forward to reveal a depraved past of Milan Ross.

He abandoned his family to be with Iris Sutherland who he married and killed on Chrismas day, but two of his daughters from the abandoned family disclosed they were able to overcome the horror of Milan Ross by the help of counseling and therapy. Ebony Shuniece Ross and Shalonda Ross, two of his daughters he abandoned believed his mental and behavioral issues came back to haunt him.

Milan Ross left his family in 2003- Wife and four children, all girls in Missouri, the wife Nicol Ross file for divorce five years later after an effort to locate him were “unsuccessful”, he went on to marry Iris Sutherland in 2009

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Anthony Milan Ross: Probable Motive for Triple Xmas Day Murder of Ex-wife and kids

A friend of the late Iris Ross, Lushanya Echeverria correlates the accounts of Ebony and Shalonda, based on what Iris told her about Milan Ross’s hidden past.

The following are the account of Iris Sutherland’s friend and Iris Ross children from the previous family as reported by 12 News


“Between four and seven years into their marriage, Iris discovered that Milan had a previous marriage, that he had abandoned, to be with Iris and Iris felt the breach was that she didn’t have a choice,” Echeverria said.

Iris got out, divorcing Ross in September with joint custody of their children. A talk with the women who Milan Ross kept a secret may have pushed Iris to fight for sole custody of Nigel and Anora.

Those women were devastated to discover the man who fathered them was accused of murdering Iris, their 11-year-old son, Nigel, and 9-month-old daughter, Anora, on Christmas Day.

“My heart is broken for Ms. Iris’s family,” Shalonda said, describing the “punching, choking, slapping,” she said she suffered at the hands of her father.

The eldest, Shalonda, told 12 News Friday, she still had nightmares of the days she was abused and forced to stay home from school until the bruises were gone.

Milan Ross credits his vegan plant-based diet for his dramatic weight-loss, but his second oldest child, Ebony Ross, said her dad’s use of food to inspire strangers to live healthier lives was a reminder of the torture they suffered as children.

“He would withhold food from us,” Ebony said, describing a year-long punishment they remembered where the sisters said their bathroom breaks, time outside their room and food were limited.

She said their dad would “blow the smell of the chili cheese sauce in our face, we would only get butter and sugar rice for that entire year.”

The women said Friday, silence is what gives abusers power and though they couldn’t share their story with Iris, they hoped to reach victims of domestic violence who still had a chance.

“Please don’t think it can never be you because you will wake up one day and you’ll feel like you’re in a nightmare,” Shalonda warned.

Both women said they were more than willing to share their truths on the stand if Anthony Milan Ross went to trial for the Christmas Day murders of his ex-wife Iris, their son Nigel and daughter Anora.


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