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The Reasons Behind Emmanuel Eboue’s Suicide Death Claim.

but when this is done at the expense of a vulnerable person, at the very low point in their life is desperate, despicable and shameful.

The former Arsenal defender was recently reported dead by suicide by some websites, a claim which was a total fabrication, hoax and a sick joke but for selfish cheap commercial reasons.

Eboue’s recent struggle was a public knowledge, he granted an interview with the MIRROR where he made several disclosures, including suicide-thought, yes, and particularly his financial situation following his bitter divorce from Ex-Wife Aurielle.

Shortly after which the “sad news of his death” started trending after some websites made the claim that he committed suicide in his sister’s house in North London by hanging himself on a fan.

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The Truth About Emmanuel Eboue’s Death News

While it is not uncommon for celebrities to fall victim of death hoax, Rebeka Shelton, the former Big Brother Housemate recently was pronounced dead, even the BBC entertainment and Art published the tweet before it was revealed that she was a victim of social media hoax, but the claim about Eboue is particularly distasteful, given his personal problems.

Small websites often struggle to drive traffic, and so will do anything to get people clicking away, it is not a rocket science to imagine how websites make money, by demonstrating to advertisers that they can monster high volume of visitors which will see their product, but when this is done at the expense of a vulnerable person, at the very low point in their life is desperate, despicable and shameful.

There is clearly a lot of interest in Eboue’s welfare judging by the surge in internet searches since the fake news broke, but this interest by most well-meaning sports fans, Arsenal family, and friends was exploited with disregard for the impact on Eboue himself.

The websites (which I refused to mention here) will probably be the beneficiary of the high volume of google searches as seen here, which peaked between January 6th to 9th.

It is, however, unclear how consistently these websites can whip up false claims to drive traffic, but good luck on that, as reputation also matters in the business.


ebouesearch 4

Google trend showing a sudden spike in Eboue when the fake news broke.


Since speaking to the Mirror about his problems and receiving supports from legal bodies and fans, he has kept a low profile and has not been seen in public, he is however not dead and grossly sick to suggest so.

It will be ideal however to give him the privacy and space to adjust to his new realities and hopefully work his way back up and recover his losses and not use false claims about him as a bait to get traffic to websites.


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