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Borussia Dortmund Laid into Arsene Wenger For Comments Made About Aubameyang

We assume that is because Arsene Wenger has enough to do to take care of the performance of his own players

Borussia Dortmund have criticised Arsene Wenger for comments he made at his press conference in response to a reporter’s question over the speculations that Aubameyang is on his way to Arsenal.

Even though Wenger was coy as usual, he however mentioned that the Gabonese £60m rated striker would “fit in” and that his disciplinary issues and strong characters could be use in a positive way, the management of Borussia Dortmund, both Michael Zorc and Peter Stoger still finds his comment unacceptable and disrespectful.

“We find it disrespectful to speak about players of other clubs. There is no contact from Arsenal. We assume that is because Arsene Wenger has enough to do to take care of the performance of his own players” Borussia Dortmund’s Michael Zorc


The club manager Peter Stoger also said

“I’m planning the future with him, if he improves his work, If something changes, I would be informed. As long as this is not happening, he is in my plans. If he behaves like he behaves right now, he will be in the squad tomorrow”

A club that has been widely reported to be in negotiations with Arsenal for the transfer of their player to be so riled and irritated could be taken in one of two ways- first there is indeed no contact at all whatsoever or second, there is contact, but valuations are still wide apart.

In response to Dortmund’s outburst, Guillem Balague tweeted to dispute their denial, insisting there is definate contact and more talks are schedule tomorrow 19th.

“Fair enough on talking publicly about other team’s players, but Arsenal and Borrusia ARE talking. Tomorrow more meetings planned” Guillem Balague


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