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World Football Money League: Arsenal Ranked 6th Ahead of PSG and Chelsea.

Arsenal Ranked 6th Ahead of PSG and Chelsea

Deloitte annual football money league is out and English Premier League teams are taking over, helped by generous TV deals and continued popularity of the Premiership globally.

Arsenal football club improved its ranking from last year position from 7th to 6th, edging past PSG despite not playing in the Champions League for the first time in 20 years.

The strict policies overseen by the manager Arsene Wenger has seen the club maintain a very healthy financial standing but has had direct impact on the pitch, with the club appearing to be regressing, and currently sitting in the 6th position.

Arsenal sold Alexis Sanchez and currently have few players whose contracts are coming to an end in the summer.


Arsenal 2nd Most Financially Powerful Club in the World

Manager Arsene Wenger recently said Arsenal cannot compete with the likes of Man United and City in the transfer market, but this Deloitte ranking will be an uncomfortable reading for the club management and can once more cause an outrage among fans.

SoccerEX recently ranked Arsenal as the second most financially powerful in World football when certain variables such such as Cash in bank, Debt and Owner’s financial capabilities are considered.


  1. Manchester United 676.3m Euros

  2. Real Madrid 674.6m Euros

  3. Barcelona 648.3m Euros

  4. Bayern Munich 587.3m Euros

  5. Manchester City 527.7m Euros

  6. Arsenal 487.6m Euros

  7. PSG 486.2m Euros

  8. Chelsea 428m Euros

  9. Liverpool 424.2m Euros

  10. Juventus 405.7m Euros


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