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How Aubameyang & Henry Compares

Aubameyang is fractionally better than Henry when the number of goals per game is considered

The stat comparison here is between Henry’s Arsenal career (both spells) and Aubameyang Borussia Dortmund career.

The stat here is not in anyway a disrespect to the legend that is Thierry Henry, but just a thumbs up to Arsenal for signing a truly world-class striker that is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Thiery Henry

Data according to Premier League record:

258 League games

175 Goals

Average goal return: 67.8%

Shooting accuracy: 43%

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang:

Data according to Squawka

144 League games

98 Goals

Average goal return: 68%

Shooting accuracy: 60%

Alexis Sanchez:

122 League games

60 goals

Average goal return: 49%

Shooting accuracy: 38%

Henry and Aubameyang, of course, played for other clubs, however, for the purpose of this comparison, Arsenal was chosen for Henry as he had his longest single career there and also played at his peak, while Dortmund was chosen for Aubameyamg as he played his longest career spell so far (4.5 yrs) and left at 28yrs plus, same age Henry left Arsenal.

In number terms, Aubameyang is fractionally better than Henry when the number of goals per game is considered by statistically insignificant 0.2, and comfortably better than Alexis Sanchez Arsenal’s record of 49% goal return.

While goals scored by strikers are the most important factors, shooting accuracy is also important as this keep the opposing team on the defensive, thereby limiting their advances. In this regard, Aubameyang average over his entire Dortmund career was 60%, better than Henry’s 48% and Sanchez’s 38%.

Aubameyang arrives Arsenal relatively late in his career for a striker, but still on a club record, thus, expectations are high regardless, however, realistically may not be able to hit his Dortmund form, but performance resembling anything near his last two seasons at Dortmund will represent an improvement on every Arsenal striker since the Legend Henry left the club.

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