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Is it Really a New Era or Just Same Old Arsenal?

So, is it a new dawn or new Era at Arsenal? well, too early to say. period

Arsenal’s rampant display against Everton yesterday alone is not enough to announce a new era or a new dawn, earlier in the season, Arsenal scored the same number of goals against Everton at Goodison Park, and just two weeks ago against Crystal Palace, Arsenal was 4-0 up at halftime.

Albeit, Arsenal look different and fresh, buzzing with confidence and suddenly click back into the free-flowing football the fans were used to but have recently dissipated.

The wholesale change in the team during the last transfer window saw what can be described as an exodus, clearing of the dead woods and the wantaway; The exit of Alexis Sanchez, Francis Coquelin, Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud, the names that have almost been institutionalized at the club but at the same time heralded the addition of Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. These changes immediately made the squad unrecognizable just from a week ago, but the existential problem that has plaque the team still remain.

Arsenal defensive record is as good as West Brom’s, the club at the bottom of the table. After the game against Everton, Arsenal has conceded 35 goals, just 2 less than West Brom (37), same as Brighton and Newcastle (35 respectively).

After 25 Matches, Arsenal has scored more goals than Chelsea and just 3 less than Tottenham, so in the grand scheme of things, while the previous attacking lineup would not have won Arsenal the league, they would be in the top 4 comfortably if the defense was not leaking.

Surprisingly, while the problems are so glaring to see by all, the main source of Arsenal failures was neglected, perhaps, Wenger opined the current team can just about finish in the top 6 and maintain a Europa cup place next season? or win the Europa cup this season as a route to Champions League next season? following the footstep of Manchester United?

So, is it a new dawn or new Era at Arsenal? well, too early to say. period

Everton cannot be used as a measure, as anyone could run pass their defense anyway. Everton has conceded 45 goals this season, only Stoke City and Huddersfield have conceded more 52 and 46 respectively. That Arsenal scored 5 past them is just about what should be expected, however, that Everton scored 1 in that manner speaks more of the fact that Arsenal has not progressed in the right place.


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