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Ian Wright on Wenger’s Treatment of Lacazette is Spot on & Gary Neville Concern Over Aubameyang is Ridiculous and Pointless

Pundits find Arsenal an easy and attractive target for critism

Arsenal has one of the most engaging fans, which explain the success of Arsenal Fan TV, Arseblog and many online platforms that provide Arsenal content.

Arsenal fans passion and engagement also explain why most pundits find the club an easy and attractive target for criticism, a dig at Arsenal is a guaranteed traffic generator.


So Gary Neville latest assessment of Arsenal frontline and Aubameyang is not surprising.

“Those four are so attacking I can’t think of a defensive mind among them,

I watched Mkhitaryan at United, he doesn’t defend.

Ozil, when he wants to he can, but he doesn’t really want to put it in defensively. They’re going to leave huge spaces.

The situation poses Wenger a problem he will have to try and resolve on the training pitch.

That is the problem – how do you fit all four in the same team?

I’m not quite sure that will happen. It doesn’t look like a natural fit, so Arsene Wenger has got some big challenges on the training field to make those four into a unit that works”

These assessments are coming from someone who gained 14 points from 16 league games as a manager of Valencia, winning only 3 League games, taking the club to a 7-0 defeat in the hands of Barcelona and sacked while the club is just 6 points above the relegation zone, surely he could do with some defensive tactics he is suggesting Wenger needs right now.

Stating the blinding obvious is pointless, Arsenal before the January has one of the weakest defense in the league, and Wenger did not touch or address this, so the club and its fans are fully aware of this existential problem and so do not need an elaborate analysis to point it out.

Gary Neville, according to is also quoted to be casting doubt on the abilities of Aubameyang. Neville was apparently wondering why no other club wanted him apart from Arsenal, he even wonders if Aubameyang is truly a World class striker, why is Jurgen Klopp his former manager not wanting to sign him?.

It appears Gary Neville’s way of knowing a World Class player is when a lot of clubs are scampering over one another to sign. His well-documented achievements at Dortmund are not in the pundit’s estimation enough to judge him, but simply because Arsenal had a free run at signing him, there must be something wrong somewhere.

Again, no elaborate analysis is needed, Aubameyang’s numbers at Dortmund speaks for him.


Another Pundit has been talking about Arsenal, this time it is the legend Ian Wright.

Ian Wright’s comment about Wenger’s treatment of Alexandra Lacazette is spot on in my opinion.

Lacazette was bought on a club record of £52m and a hefty weekly wage only to be used like squad player.

Strikers need the unwavering support of their manager to deliver, the French striker hit the ground running with a debut goal but Wenger subs him continually regardless of how he was playing or starts him on the bench for major matches, Man City and Liverpool came to mind.

No one is going to play well looking over their shoulder knowing they are about to go out anyway.

The manager’s excuse was he needed to be introduced gently to life in the Premiership, but Aubameyang was given a full 90mins on his debut despite reports of a bug hours before the game.

Whatever devaluation Arsenal suffers on Lacazette is a direct consequence of how the manager manages him going forward.

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