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That David Dennis Jr Tweet Got me Thinking: Is planned Parenthood Really About Exterminating The Black race? Or Just another buzz word?

If 80% of patients that use Planned Parenthood are below 150% federal poverty level, it follows that majority of its clinics are located where those that need them can access them.

Former US president Barack Obama receives so much hate and criticism for his support for planned parenthood and funding as part of the ObamaCare.

While it is expected that Republicans are first in line to criticise him and attempt to roll it back, there is a surprising criticism and hate from black folks.

The accusations are that majority of planned parenthood clinics in the US are located in the black populated area and as such black folks are the target, effectively trying to shrink black population.

What is Planned Parenthood:

Planned Parenthood is an organization in the US that its foundation can be traced back to 1916 at the time abortion and contraceptive were illegal.

The founder Margaret Sanger was jailed for opening a clinic after a judge ruled that “no woman had a right to copulate” without the expectations that it may lead to pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood was at the forefront of several legal battles to make abortion legal

So in the US and likewise in the UK, there is an ongoing ideological battle between Pro-Choice and Pro-Life

planned parenthood.PNG



Facts on planned parenthood in the USA

2.5 million women and men in the US visit its affiliate health centers for services and information each year

Of its patients, 83% were 20 or older

Nearly 80% had incomes at or below 150% of the federal poverty level

Planned Parenthood said that 80% of its patients receive services to prevent unintended pregnancy.


The niece of Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. Alveda King who is the Director of Priests for Life’s CIVIL RIGHTS FOR THE UNBORN PROGRAM is very clear about the motives of the Planned Parenthood and is quote in an interview as saying

“About 60 to 70 percent of all Planned Parenthoods are in minority neighborhoods … abortion mills or clinics are in predominantly black communities and we have proven this.”

“When abortion became legal, then it was offered on a disproportionate rate to the black community, and sold as reproductive health care, reproductive freedom — this is your right,”

“But Black Lives Matter in the womb, I would think. And I think the womb that brings forth the black life should matter. But they don’t want that out there. That’s the thing. So because black lives absolutely matter, what about the babies in that womb? What about that mama?” Dr. Alveda King

With due respect and so much of it to Dr. Alveda, in my view, Planned Parenthood is not a race issue.

If 80% of patients that use Planned Parenthood are below 150% federal poverty level, it follows that majority of its clinics are located where those that need them can access them.

Offering abortion for an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy; you can argue from an ideological pro-life perspective that it is criminal and against God’s will, even that to me is wrong, as no one should have to raise a life they were not emotionally, psychologically and financially ready or able to support, however, to skew it further to a race perspective that it is a program design purposely to exterminate the black race is stretching it a bit and certainly a lot of black folks are buying into it.

A child of unwanted and unplanned pregnancy will likely be born into poverty and possibly with absence father, the short and longterm consequence for the mother and child becomes unbearable, which in turn can lead to depression, drug abuse and a continuous vicious cycle of poverty.

Studies show that Among black and Hispanic mothers, births peak among women in their early 20s, for white and Asian mothers, births peak among women in their late 20s and early 30s, this can be an indication of readiness, although not exclusively.

Ironically, the ideological pro-life group who are predominantly White and are opposed to anything Obama are seizing on the Anti-Obama sentiments among blacks to kick the policy that protects funding for reproductive health needed by vulnerable women in the bin.


No evidence to suggest a dramatic fall in birthrate among blacks, there are statistics to show, however, that birthrate is higher among black (2.1%) than white (1.8%), both lower than Hispanic (2.4%).

According to PEW Research, minority babies are the majority of the US infants (minority here is defined as anyone who is not a single-race or non-Hispanic white.)

According to STATISTA there are more birth per 1000 women among black (non-Hispanic) i.e African-American than there are among white (Non-Hispanic)

birth rate by race

Graph Courtesy of hail to you

A look at the graph above, as at 2013 the trend for Hispanic, White, Asian and Black are the same, American-Indian are the outliers, by the definition of “Black Live Matter in Womb” the American-Indian should be generating their own conspiracy of “intention to exterminate them.

Instead of kicking Planned Parenthood that appears to support and help vulnerable people make or have choices because the majority of their clinics are located in minority and black communities, effort should be made to support the black community out of poverty. If these clinics are not accessible by women who need them, they will procure a cheaper but dangerous abortion elsewhere.

It is not enough to say to a woman to carry a pregnancy to term and have the baby, without also providing long-term support for the child and mother, either that or you encourage them to have babies when they feel ready and able to do so.



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