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War-Torn Libya Ranked 2nd in Africa on the World Happiness Scale

The 2018 World Happiness Report coverage has focused on the top 10 countries with attention given to why the Scandinavian countries perform highly in the happiness scale regardless of the factors measured.

However, in the report, there are some interesting findings that deserved mentioning as well.

In the context of this years report, the impact of migration on natives was a factor and still, Libya is ranked 2nd highest in the happiness scale in Africa, only bettered by Mauritius.

Libya can be recalled was a subject of international outcry following CNN investigative report that showed of extreme migrant treatments and evidence of dealings in an illicit slave trade.

Libya is still officially a country at war and has yet to recover from the fall of its long-term dictator, leaving the country ungovernable with no central government, but a UN- recognised-government that is only in control of part of the country while extremist rebel controls the rest.

The report considered 6 factors (A) GDP per capita (B) Social Support (C) Healthy Life expectancy (D) Social Freedom (E) Generosity (F) Absence of corruption. When these factors are combined, they are responsible for 75% of the score.

Of these variables, only the GDP per capita and Healthy life expectancy can be measured, the rest are based on lived experience and subjective response, however, it still remains a surprise that currently, unstable Libya ranked higher than countries like Ghana, what is not surprising, however, is the fact that African countries dominate the bottom of the ranking.

It is unsurprising given that perception of corruption, healthy life expectancy and GDP per capita are among the variables used.

The Top Ten African Countries and their respective positions in the world

  1. Mauritius 55 in the world with 5,891 points

  2. Libya 70 in the world with 5,566 points

  3. Algeria 84 in the world with 5,295 points

  4. Morocco 85 in the world with 5,254 points

  5. Nigeria 91 in the world with 5,185 points

  6. Somalia 98 in the world with 4,982 points

  7. Cameroun 99 in the world with 4,975 points

  8. Gabon 103 in the world with 4,758 points

  9.  South Africa 104 in the world with 4,724 points

  10. Ivory Coast 107 in the world with 4,671


The Bottom Ten African Countries and their respective position

  1. Burundi 156 in the World

  2. Central African Republic 155 in the world

  3. South Sudan 154 in the world

  4. Tanzania 153 in the world

  5. Rwanda 151 in the world

  6. Liberia 149 in the world

  7. Malawi 147 in the world

  8. Botswana 146 in the world

  9. Zimbabwe 144 in the world

  10. Madagascar 143 in the world


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