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Nigerians: Do not take Endurance & Perseverance Advice from Politicians & Celebrities

No one can give what they don’t have! The same thing is true with life experiences.

In Nigeria, election atmosphere is gradually taking shape and various political players that have abandoned the people are starting to go on a charm offensive, be vigilant people!


The politicians are telling us how to think by which ever means they can access us, the problem is they don’t live or experience everyday problem as us!

When they are sick, they fly to the UK and America, their Children schooled oversees, and they can afford to buy the law at home.

Wasiu Ayinde Marshall recently returned from Canada where he went for a “Routine Medical checkup” according to him.

Few days later, footage emerged showing Wasiu Ayinde Marshall singing and telling Nigerians to return Buhari for second term.

Wasiu did not trust the health system provided by the government in Nigeria but want you to keep the faith, of course when you are sick, you don’t have the same luxury of flying out to Canada for a check up.

The head of the government Wasiu is singing to return to power himself do not trust the health system at home, fly regularly to the UK for technical check up, you don’t have the same luxury neither do you have a stable healthcare system at home.

Be steadfast and be yourself!
Everybody out there is after their own interest and not yours!

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