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The Atlantic circuit DA Tom Durden is stepping down as the prosecutor in the murder case of the unarmed black man Ahmaud Arbery to be replaced by Cobb County District Attorney Joyette Holmes, a black woman.


Joyette Holmes appointment was announced by Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr.

Expressing confidence in the new prosecutor, Carr said “District Attorney Holmes is a respected attorney with experience, both as a lawyer and a judge,” he continued, “and the Cobb County District Attorney’s office has the resources, personnel and experience to lead this prosecution and ensure justice is done.” 

in response, the new prosecutor said “call to serve will not be taken lightly.” “Our office will immediately gather all materials related to the investigation thus far and continue to seek additional information to move this case forward,” she said. “We appreciate the confidence that Attorney General Carr has in our office’s ability to bring to light the justice that this case deserves.” 


The new appointment has been welcomed by Arbery’s family in a statement through one of the attorneys representing the family and also by the state Gov. Brian Kemp, who appointed Holmes as Cobb’s top prosecutor last year, supported Carr’s decision on Twitter Monday, tweeting: “I am confident that she will serve with integrity and transparency to ensure justice is served.”

Joyette Holmes took over from Tom Durden who in turn replaced George barnhill, becoming the 3rd prosecutor after Brunswick DA Jackie Johnson recused herself, having once been Greg McMichael’s boss.

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