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The Milwaukee Noose pictures of black racial victims, The Bubba Wallace Noose in Garage are all part of a pattern.

Over the weekend, Milwaukee was greeted by an unwanted violent and racial symbol clearly designed to intimidate and create fear among the black community.

The images of 6 black victims of various racial violence either in the hands of police or fellow citizens were discovered hanging on a tree by a noose. They include Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Botham Jean, Ahmaud Arbery and Michael Brown.


America’s racial divide despite efforts by the black community seems to be widening, it seems for every step taken forward, some elements drag the progress several step backwards. This is helped either by the rhetoric, action or inaction of the commander in chief.

Bubba Wallace is the only African American in the NASCAR as a racer

Racism in America is not a news, what is new is that racists are increasingly becoming bold, if not bolder than ever before. The Bubba Wallace incident over the weekend, again with a noose found in his garage indicates how deep and ingrained racism is in America. President Trump holding his first rally since the lockdown and the killing of George Floyd at Tulsa, a town known for it’s history of devastating racial attack on the black community that burnt down the “Black Wall street” indicate either how out of touch the President is or his endorsement of these racial violence, either one of the two scenario explains the increase in confidence and increase incidence of racial violence.

The Milwaukee Noose pictures of black racial victims and the Bubba Wallace Noose in Garage are all part of a pattern, they are not a one off or an action of a rogue individual.

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