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The Charlie Gard’s story


Even for a “small chance “of meaningful improvement in his brain function, chance to make him interact, smile and look at objects, parents Chris and Cornie are willing to go all the way. --->

Kylian Mbappe’s price tag


It is not an exaggeration to declare that Kylian Mbappe is currently the hottest football property in Europe if not the world. For a player, born just outside the new millennium, still playing for the French U-19 and only made his senior team debut for Monaco in Dec 2015 to be commanding a valuation in the region of £100m is absolutely outrageous, but his 2016/17 champions league and domestic league performances perhaps justify the frenzies for the French born player. --->

Are opinion polls good pointers to election victory?


In recent years, pollsters have wrongly predicted who is going to win various elections. Notably the victory of President Trump in 2016 U.S presidential election was not predicted or at least by mainstream media and popular pollsters across the Atlantic. Also during the referendum to decide Britain’s relationship with the European Union, no pollster saw it coming that Britain will vote to leave the union. Hence it is valid that scepticism be raised about whatever the pollsters have got to say right now, the caveat however was the prediction of Emmanuel Macron that was correctly predicted but given the person of Marie Le pen, it is perhaps not difficult to predict the outcome of the French election. --->